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Amy Acero
My phone mount is sturdy and awesome

My phone mount is sturdy and awesome. It fits my phone, even with it's large case. I kept it on my phone for 3 days before mounting it just because I REALLY enjoyed the sturdiness and feel. Once mounted, it didn't let me down!

Fred Oxley

Too hard to get it to stay put

julie mazak

Works good

Disappointing Durability: A Review of the Phone Mount 2.0

My experience with the Phone Mount 2.0 was unfortunately less than satisfactory. From the outset, it was evident that the build quality didn't match the price tag. This became all too clear when it broke as I attempted to expand it to fit my iPhone. Given the pricing, I had expected a more robust and durable product, capable of securely holding a device without issue.

The market is filled with alternatives that offer better value and reliability for a similar, if not lower, price point. It's disappointing to encounter a product like this that fails to meet basic expectations of durability and functionality. Prospective buyers would be wise to consider other options before committing to this phone mount.

In a category where the strength and longevity of the product are paramount, the Phone Mount 2.0 falls short. A more thoughtful design and higher quality materials are critical for a product that is meant to securely support our often costly smartphones. Hopefully, future iterations will address these shortcomings and offer a product that matches its pricing with quality and reliability.

Thanks for your feedback, we will offer more products that matches our customers' needs as soon as possible.

Roberto Zuniga

Phone Mount 2.0