Heybike Anniversary Sale

Heybike Anniversary Sale
——Your Life, Heybike

Design for all kinds of conditions, we built Heybike e-bikes for allowing a wider range of people to enjoy bike riding. But more than that, we hope the Heybike electric bike is part of your life!
With gratitude for the company of original customers and anticipation of getting into more people's lives, Heybike is calling everyone to this celebration for The Heybike Anniversary—which kicked off on May 5, 2022!

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Heybike Anniversary Guidelines:

  🎉 Heybike Anniversary Sale! (May 5, 2022 - May 20, 2022)
        a. Buy any e-bikes, get the Heybike Anniversary Box! (No need to add Box to your cart!)
        b. Save an extra $50/pc for any 2-bike purchases! Discount code: HAS1
Special Gift for Heybike Owners! (March 15, 2022 - May 18, 2022)
        Submit your best moments with the Heybike e-bike for Entering, and get Heybike Anniversary Box!
Post your Heybike Anniversary Box for An Additional Reward! 
        Get reward by posting the Heybike Anniversary Box you received on any social media, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! (20 will be selected for $50 Heybike Gift Cards)

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Bike Rack Pannier Bag
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Front Basket
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Large Basket
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Heybike Hat
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Cable Lock
Regular price $39.00
Phone Mount 2.0
Regular price $39.00

What Is A Commuter Ebike?

A commute e-bike is built for comfort and convenience. Suit for your urban commute, a commute bike usually has a straight handlebar, and suspensions. It keeps you in a comfortable and upright position for a longer ride. But please be aware that a commuter bike is not really built to be taken on hiking trails or rugged, unpaved terrain.

What Should I Look For In A Commuter Ebike?

When you are looking for a commute Ebike, you are looking for a bike that is comfortable for you to ride every day. A bike that is convenient for you to ride anywhere in an urban environment. And also a bike that is easy and flexible to control in your riding.

What Are Fat Tire E-Bikes Good For?

Fat tires keep a more constant speed and stable riding. Also can handle a variety of road conditions

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