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Bikes Maintenance

Notice: Before every ride, and after every 25-45 miles(40-72 km), we advise following the pre-ride safety checklist.

ListsSafety Check
Brakes1. Ensure front and rear brakes work properly.
2. Check brake pads for wear and ensure they are not overworn.
3. Ensure brake pads are correctly positoned in relation to the rims.
4. Ensure brake cables are lubricated, correctly adjusted, and display no obvious wear.
5. Ensure brake levers are lubricated and tightly secured to the handlebar.
6. Test that the brake levers are firm and that the brake, and the brake light are functioning properly
Wheels and Tires1. Ensure tires are inflated within the recommended limits posted on the tire sidewalls and hold air.
2. Ensure tires have good tread, have no bulges or excessive wear, and are free from any other damage. Ensure rims run true and have no obvious wobbles, dents, or kinks.
3. Ensure all wheel spokes are tight and not broken.
4. Check axle nuts and front wheel quick release to ensure they are tight.
5. Ensure the locking lever on the quick release skewer is correctly tensioned, fully closed, and secured.
Steering1. Ensure the handlebar and stem are correctly adjusted, tightened, and allow proper steering.
2. Perform a handlebar twist test (see assembly step 4) to ensure the stem clamp bolt security.
3. Ensure the handlebar is set correctly in relation to the fork and the direction of travel.
Chain1. Ensure the chain is clean, oiled, and runs smoothly.
2. Extra care is required in wet, salty/otherwise corrosive, or dusty conditions.
Bearings1. Ensure all bearings are lubricated, run freely, and display no excess movement, grinding, or ratiling.
2.  Check headset, wheel bearings, pedal bearings, and bottom bracket bearings.
Cranks and Pedals1. Ensure pedals are securely tightened to the cranks.
2. Ensure the cranks are securely tightened and are not bent.
Derailleur and Mechanical Cables1. Check that the derailleur is adjusted and functioning properly.
2. Ensure shifter and brake levers are attached to the handlebar securely.
3. Ensure all shifter and brake cables are properly lubricated.
Frame, Fork, and Seat1. Check that the frame and fork are not bent or broken. If either frame or fork are bent or broken, they should be replaced.
2. Check that the seat is adjusted properly, and seatpost quick release lever is securely tightened.
Motor Drive Assembly and Throttle1. Ensure hub motor is spinning smoothly and motor bearings are in good working order.
2. Ensure all power cables running to hub motor are secured and undamaged.
3. Make sure the hub motor axle bolts are secured and the torque arm, torque arm bolt, and torque washers are in place.
Battery1. Ensure battery is charged before use.
2. Ensure there is no damage to battery.
3. Lock battery to frame and ensure that it is secured.
3.  Charge and store bike and battery in a dry location, between 50 °F – 77 °F (10 °C – 25 °C).
3. Let bike dry completely before using again.
Electrical Cables1. Look over connectors to make sure they are fully seated and free from debris or moisture.
2.  Check cables and cable housing for obvious signs of damage.
3. Ensure headlight, taillight, and brake light are functioning, adjusted properly, and unobstructed.
Accessories1. Ensure all reflectors are properly fitted and not obscured.
2. Ensure all other fittings on bike are properly secured and functioning.
3. Inspect helmet and other safety gear for signs of damage.
4. Ensure rider is wearing a helmet and other required riding safety gear.
5. Ensure mounting hardware is properly secured if fitted with a front rack, rear rack, basket, etc.
6. Ensure the taillight and taillight power wire are properly secured if fitted with rear rack.
7. Ensure the fender mounting hardware is properly secured if fitted with fenders.
8. Ensure there are no cracks or holes in fenders. If installed, ensure the optional rear wheel lock is secured in the unlocked position and the key is removed before every ride.

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