Come and Be a Heybike Green Ambassador!

Global environmental issues are a topic of constant concern for many people. Environmental protection needs everyone's participation. We also have great respect for every daily environmental initiative. Thus, we are calling and inviting you to become one of Heybike's Green Ambassadors!

There are two ways to take part in this activity. (Pick one of two)

Reuse the Heybike courier carton.
Be an artist of your life! You can transform the carton into your pet homes, storage boxes or crafts, etc. Requirements:

  • Upload the picture(s)
  • Submit the name and idea of your work

     Low-carbon travel with Heybike.
    Create and share your daily, travel, or adventure riding videos, to make people feel the convenience and fun of e-bikes in life. Requirements:

    • Total range: more than 200 miles
    • Upload the video on any social media #Heybike
    • Submit the video URL link and a shore description

    Our judges will review the submitted photos and videos, and select 11 Winners. Final results will be posted on and an email notification will be sent.

    Event Time:
    Between July 11, 2022, 00:00 am EDT to August 11, 2022, 00:00 am EDT

    Event Prizes:
    First Prize(3): A $100 Heybike Gift Card(Applied for any items on
    Second prize(3): A Heybike ELECTRIFY EXPO(NY) Ticket in August
    Third Prize(5): A individual customized Heybike merch

      Protect our planet, go green with Heybike!

      Please note that the picture or video submitted may not infringe any copyrights. For more details, please check the Official Rules.

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