Heybike Travel Journal - Video Contest


Tick off a new spot with your Heybike e-bike!

Ready to set off for your summer riding? Start your plan and move with your friend or families now! Whether your trip is to historic sites, famous landmarks, or spectacular natural scenery. Or maybe it's a storytelling landmark unique to your region. Post your trip video and strike us with your stories and win the prize! And all entries may have the opportunity to be shared on heybike.com and Heybike social media!

Riding with others doubles the joy. We sincerely hope Heybike help you make lots of friends and have fun during the trips! Once this event is finished, a Heybike travel spots map will be created for Heybikers to find each other and ride together! We will also establish a FaceBook fans group for the State that has the most participants of Heybike riders.

Event procedure:


Step 1: Post your travel video on any social media.
Step 2: Participate in the contest by submitting your travel video (Enter the video URL link you posted on the social media in the registration form) during May 17 ~ June 30 ("PT").

1 champion, 3 second prize owners, and 5 third prize owners, selected by a Heybike jury, will be announced through Heybike.com while we would send e-mails for notification.


1. Champion: a $300 Heybike Gift Card (1 champion)
2. Second prize: 1 Saddlebag, 1 Front Rack (3 second prize owners)
3. Third prize: 1 Heybike T-shirt, 1 Heybike Hat (5 third prize owners)


    1. The submitted video should be clear to watch, and the length should be at least 15 seconds.
    2. Please introduce the spot location in the video.
    3. The Heybike e-bike and the travel spot should be clearly clarified in the video. (Heybike e-bike, location and character)
    4. The video may not infringe with any copyrights.

Tips: Please introduce the place, people and time of the trip clearly in the video, and a clear storyline will help to add points to your work!

For more details, please check the Official Rules.


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