Heybike Group Ride

Group Ride

At Heybike, we’re not only concerned about providing the best riding experience for you but thinking about what more we can do to create a greener planet. So, we are proud to present Heybike cycling event (will be held at proper time), which is a fantastic opportunity to network and make friends while cycling to your heart’s content!

We will select the route for all riding levels which you can spend time pedaling and sweating together. And we'll invite some famous Youtubers to join us as the leaders of this group ride!

Everything will be set up for you, like a coffee or tea stop, support vehicles and tour crew including a bike mechanic and first aider. So that all you need to do is enjoy the amazing challenge and ultimately have fun! Stay tuned for the latest group ride, will update on this page.

Click below to know more about he Group Ride, or suggest the location, time or something like that for the next event. Look forward to your comments!

Heybike Ambassador

--Sandy & Don

Living in Florida, Sandy and Don are Heybike Ranger users. They love RV traveling and made Ranger a big part of their travel, exploring corners that a car can't reach and troublesome for walking.

Tel: +1 (888) 851-8701
Available Time:
9 am-12 am(Sandy, e-bike traveling),
2 pm-6 pm (Don, technical service)
within the business day

Want to find someone for Heybike experience?
Contact Heybike Ambassador!
Heybike Ambassadors are all Heybike e-bike owners, experienced in e-bike maintenance, daily use, and traveling with Heybike e-bike.

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