• Gear up for the love adventure with over $3000 from Heybike, Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear, Deepsleep Overland, Devos Outdoor, Packit Gourmet, Napier Outdoors, Nocs Provisions.

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Giveaway Sponsors

Packit Gourmet car camper - 2 people for 2 days

Napier Outdoors sportz cove

Nocs Provisions standard issue 8x25 waterproof binoculars

Heybike Mars2.0, 1200W peak power, 20*4" fat tire, foldable e-bike

Devos Outdoor lightranger telescoping lantern

Deepsleep Overland set of 2 solo mat car camping mattresses

Chicken Tramper 15L day pack in teal/yellow with daisy chain straps

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