Slogan Competition Winners

Thank you to all our participants! We received over 500 entries for the slogan competition and our team had a great time reading through all of the submissions. Some of the slogans did not meet the criteria for submission and therefore were removed from the drawing. As hard as it was to choose, at the end of the day we finally pick out the one that was the most catchy and we felt captured the message we are trying to spread.

The top prize:
Rich Ng: "HEY, BIKE with me."

The 3 lucky winners:
Rob Maya: "Pedaled. Powered."
Bryan DuBose: "Go For It!"
Dyan Smolinsky: "Heybike- On the go in style."

The announcement  were both published on and our official social media. The awards would be sent to winners by e-mails.

Did not rewarded? cheer up! A new competition would come within one week with a Ranger! Come and put your talent to best use for a better environment and technology for future life!

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