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I’ve had different brand ebikes before and the Heybike horizon is by far the best. Bought it in January 2024 and it’s such a beautiful bike. It’s a smooth ride- the brakes, suspension, battery life and pedal assist speed options are great. The 24in tires is one of my favorite features of the bike and helps it surpass other brands. The only con I found with this bike is the weight but it’s not a deal breaker and I love that I can fold it up when traveling. You won’t be disappointed with the Heybike.

I’m a big dude(250lbs) and love it

I was very excited to receive this bike so when I did, I immediately put it together fairly easy. Just take your time. Take about 20 minutes maybe. It’s powerful. It’s cool. Has a solid battery front and rear suspension and if you purchase it sooner than later, you’ll get like all sorts accessories for Free really makes a difference. I’ve been on two big multi mile rides biking and bike path and off-road path in the bike works fantastic and all three. I had some apprehension that I would get in trouble for writing in the bike lane, but this thing looks like a regular bike you know in passing, so no one is giving me a hard time. I’ve had fun with it. I would recommend it for me. This was a big purchase and I have 0.0. I am looking to purchase one for my wife. One thing I do wanna mention is I’m 58 and the seat in the lowest position is perfect for me so I don’t know how well this bike would do for someone that’s very very short, but not this bike.

Great EBike

Received my HeyBike Horizon on a Friday. Got home from work and had it unpacked and put together in about an hour. It had one scratch in the same spot that Tailhappy Youtube channel had on his as well as one underneath. It seemed to be packed perfectly it seemed to me and the box seemed undamaged with the usual bumps and bruises but nothing at all noticable. It went together very easy. Assembly was a breeze. Everything matched. Everything fit. It's a great way to get introduced to the bike. And, it is a gorgeous bike for sure.
I have taken it for 5 or 6 spins in the area for now in frigid 36 degree weather here in Northern IL. Maybe just 3 miles at a time or so. I get so many compliments on it. Last time it was a little nicer out and more people were out. At least 5 people hailed me as I went by on the street "Nice Bike!" repeated again and again.
Suspension feels very good. Quiet motor in back. My brother-in-law has three ebikes all in the last 3 years..... He rode it and said it was the quietest ebike he's riden yet. He thinks it's very torquey He liked it very much. Said I made a good purchase.
Love the folding aspect. It's a little heavy but it will fit in my wife's Renegade with one of the back seats folded. Can't wait for the warmer weather. Heybike is covering some paint to do some self-repair of the scratch. It's such a small imperfection, I'm willing to overlook it. It's still a beautiful bike for sure.

The app works great and connects so easily. My brother-in-law was jealous about that. None of his have an app. He likes the features I can control. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.


I'm a 65 year old man zipping threw the Senior neighborhood now - bought the saddle bags for store trips & the large front basket to hold my JBL speaker - now all these old farts are listening to good music wether they want to or not CALL THE COPS - The old man is loose!!! I'm loving this

Eric Beck