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Kathleen Hoffman-Crudge
We Love our Ranger Ss

My husband and I purchased these 3 months ago - we are in our 60's. The bikes have renewed a sense of adventure for us! We ride every day and take them on trips with us. The bikes handle well on rough trails but they are not for technically difficult trails. Work great on the beach sand at low tide. We are very happy with our purchase. Customer service is quick to respond (I lost my keys and had to replace the lock).

Michael Cipparrone
The finished product

A year and a half ago I bought a ranger, and I still love it, however now that I have a ranger s, the ranger seems like the prototype of it. Thanks for the upgrades!
Mike Cipparrone

Curtis F
Why buy a bike rack for your SUV?

I like the Ranger S because of the:
1. Fat tires
2. Folding feature (so I can put them in the back of my SUV)
3. 28mph max speed
4. Powerful motor
5. Comfortable seat
6. Large rear basket (for holding a large grocery bag)

I just retired and am using the bikes to eliminate one car…thus keeping one SUV for my wife and myself..

I was not happy but the problem was fixed after a month

They change the haybike app.
To where the bike will only go 20 miles an hour now. So if it says the ranger S will go 28 miles an hour. It will not anymore because the app will not allow it to do thand also when they change the app.
My bike will go to 20 miles an hour for only a little bit and then it will drop down to 10 miles an hour and not go any higher. I have to completely stop the bike. Wait, wait for everything to 0 out in battery to read a 100% before. I can get it to go back to 20 miles an hour.
I bought this bike. For the speed availability Not happy that I have to keep Stop in my bike just to be able to go above 10 miles an hour I do not know why they change the app.
I even try to do a Factory reset on the bike, but the instructions they give me are complicated and wasn't able to figure it on how to factory reset the bike. I Attached a picture of the new app settings that are available Up until now, I have been very happy and satisfied with haybike. But this app update really ticks me off. And i'm sure it will tick a lot of other people off

Review update

When I looked up the review. They answered saying that to uninstall the app and reinstall it. And that and it does not fix anything it's the same thing. I think they give an automated response to reviews. I've been contacting customer service.
And they're taking forever.
And every time it's not helping when they reply. It takes a day every time they reply.
To my email.

Review update
After a month they finally fixed the app and it works fine again I just hope it stays that way and it gose 28mph again

Hi, Jobee. Thanks for shopping with Heybike. We learned from our colleagues of customer service that reinstalling the app and linking your bike again will successfully make it to 28 mph. And your problem seems to have been solved, if there are any other needs, feel free to contact our customer service:!

So far so Good for the Ranger S

Just got this bike but so far I'm satisfied with this purchase.