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Cheryl B
Impressive Bike!

So sturdy and solid! Feels so good and tight while riding! I love it!
HOWEVER… after a few miles on the speedometer, the rear wheel has a “squeal” noise that has started. I reached out by email to Customer Support and provided a video of the sound coming from the wheel and requested to call me back.
It’s been 3 days and no one has called. I suspect it’s possibly a minor adjustment to the rear brake area but I would like to speak with someone before I continue riding. Seems like the only issues with these bikes in the customer reviews are with HeyBike and their lack of customer support. Hoping to hear back from them soon.
Cheryl B

Hi, Chery. Thank you for your purchase. And sorry for the inconvenice we've caused. We've feedbacked your problem to our customer service colleagues, and they will contact you to help solve. Thank you again for the support of Heybike!


The free basket with my order does not fit onto my heybike Ranger S. (It appears it is a leftover and that’s why it was free.). I was very disappointed. (Feels like an advertising gimmick) Also the free hat & T-Shirt do not fit. A size request was never requested for a proper fit. (Again an advertisement gimmick) Again disappointed. So far I like the bike, but due to the weather, I only had the opportunity to take it out once for a short ride.

Hi, Mary. Thank you for your purchase. If there's any problem with the basket installation, please contact our support for help. Thank you again for the support of Heybike!

David Taylor
Ranger S

Very Easy to Assemble, less than 20 minutes. Good Quality, heavy duty frame.
Rode it for about 8 miles and did not notice any change in the battery charge.
Factory Max speed is set at 20mph. trying to figure out how to change that to the 28mph posted online

Neil Walters
Where is this? Been all my life

I recently bought my eBay two weeks ago and I’ve been loving it ever since saying where has this been all my life?

Jonathan David Faulkner Faulkner
Best in Class.

The Ranger S is best in its class E-Bike, able to tackle everything you can throw at it and all weather. The Fat Tires and foldable design means it can literally go anywhere. Great bike for commuting or for fun!