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Heybike comes with a mission to provide every rider with a high-quality electric bike. We always aim to bring innovations to the ebike industry and offer better riding experiences. Buy our ebikes and upgrade your riding now!

Brand Story
Total Distance Riden

8,000,000 Miles

Total Distance Riden

Active Riders


Active Riders

Total CO₂ Emission Reduced

21,440,000 KG

Total CO₂ Emission Reduced

Equivalent Tree Planted

2,680,000 pcs

Equivalent Tree Planted

Heybike Ranger S is a killer city cruiser with one unfortunate quirk. Heybike continues to produce quality e-bikes, and this one really packs a punch.


Mars 2.0: Solidly built and fun to ride. It’s indeed a capable commuter for city dwellers and van lifers.

— Tom's Guide

Mars 2.0 is an affordable multi-purpose folding bike with a smooth ride and fast speed!  

— Electricbike Report

Horizon is more than just a pretty paint job. It is a versatile ebike with beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors. It stands out among all the ebikes on the market.

— Eletreck

Heybike Horizon comes fully loaded with front and rear suspension, wide 4.0” tires, and the ability to collapse down during storage or transport.

— Mounatin Weekly News

Heybike Tyson Review: This comfortable fat-tire ebike is an affordable way to dip your toes into the electric bike lifestyle, without breaking the bank.


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