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Over Expectations for Versatile Rider
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Fat Tire For Adventures
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Step-thru, Foldable, and Fat Tire EBike
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The epitome of versatility meeting ruggedness
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Agile commuter e-bike for every style of life.
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All-terrain, Built for Adventure
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New Tyson:
Our top pick

This chunky-looking two-wheeler packs super cool vibes and features a one-piece, magnesium alloy frame. Better still, the Tyson is fully foldable, with front and rear hydraulic suspension along with app-enabled Bluetooth and 4G functionality.

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"The HeyBike Mars is a special type of fat tire e-bike that folds down for easier transportation, meaning you can take that ride-everywhere fun on the go with you."


"The Heybike Mars hits a good price point and is a lot of fun to ride."


"When it comes to solid, folding e-bikes, HeyBike has got game, with the manufacturer presenting us with a wide range of fat-tire wheelers."


"The Heybike Cityrun stands out for safety and security features, and even has a place to put your water bottle. It's the perfect e-bike for commuting."


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70000+ Active Riders; Heybike is the right choice for you
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Why Choose Heybike
70000+ Active Riders; Heybike is the right choice for you
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Expand the possibilities of the adventures and make a huge difference - Andrew Ross | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Andrew Ross in Temecula, CA. As a cargo pilot, he flies his Bush plane all over the United States. After getting his Heybike, Mars, he starts to expand the possibilities of the adventures that he can do and it’s made a huge difference.

Rehab is monotonous, golfing isn't, bicycling isn't. - Clifford Woolfork | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Clifford Woolfork in Dayton, Ohio. He survived from stroke, and for a better recovery, he combined golf and e-bike riding in his rehab program. Amazingly, it worked, and he recovered via the method he loves!

Set out Your Trip with Heybike Mars - Jerry and Denise | Why Heybike

As RV travelers, Jerry and Denise love to ride bikes and hike on their trails but were bothered by easily getting exhausted, especially in the heat, when riding traditional bikes.

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