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"The Heybike Mars offers almost everything you could expect from a folding bike at an amazingly low price"


"The HeyBike Mars is a special type of fat tire e-bike that folds down for easier transportation, meaning you can take that ride-everywhere fun on the go with you."


"The Heybike Mars hits a good price point and is a lot of fun to ride."


"When it comes to solid, folding e-bikes, HeyBike has got game, with the manufacturer presenting us with a wide range of fat-tire wheelers."


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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Bike Wheels

You can enhance your riding experience by selecting the appropriate electric tires and wheels. We are talking about how to choose the right wheels for your electric bikes here.

What Are the Benefits of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire bikes are the best option for the biker who wants a bike for basic transit needs because they do not require much maintenance. Because they have a great contact surface, fat tire bikes are safer than regular bikes. 

What Makes A Good Electric Mountain Bike and How to Choose

Electric mountain bikes are designed for off-road use on specific trails. These bikes include all the components and ...


Pursuit of the Young at Heart--Janko Mandakovic | Why Heybike

What's on your list of things you want to do when you retire? See what Mr. and Mrs. Mandakovic have to say.Start unc...

Expand the possibilities of the adventures and make a huge difference - Andrew Ross | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Andrew Ross in Temecula, CA. As a cargo pilot, he flies his Bush plane all over the U...

"Rehab is monotonous, golfing isn't, bicycling isn't." - Clifford Woolfork | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Clifford Woolfork in Dayton, Ohio. He survived from stroke, and for a better recovery...

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