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As we sincerely hope our electric bikes have brought convenience to your life, we also would like to know the changes in your life Heybike brought you and your unforgettable moment with Heybike.
So, we want to hear from you of the story between you and Heybike e-bike.

Are you, the main character, willing to share your story in front of the camera?
As a reward, we will give you a FREE Ebike after the shooting.
Once we make a deal, our director will contact you and communicate the details of the shoot.

Sincerely welcome your participation!
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*Kindly note that you need to allow us to display your interview content on the Internet, including the official website and Heybike social media platform.

The Amazing Connection of Family - Christy & Ryder | Why Heybike

What a meaningful story behind the heybike: Christy & Ryder shared their experience using amazing heybike products, which help to show you that e-bikes are not just eco-friendly but also a great way to bond as a family.


Go Beyond Yourself with Heybike - Elizabeth & David | Why Heybike

When you are tortured by illnesses, what would you do? Will you be passive for living, or start a new life bravely? I...


Pursuit of the Young at Heart--Janko Mandakovic | Why Heybike

What's on your list of things you want to do when you retire? See what Mr. and Mrs. Mandakovic have to say.


Expand the possibilities of the adventures and make a huge difference - Andrew Ross | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Andrew Ross in Temecula, CA. As a cargo pilot, he flies his Bush plane all over the United States. 


"Rehab is monotonous, golfing isn't, bicycling isn't." - Clifford Woolfork | Why Heybike

In this episode, we interviewed Clifford Woolfork in Dayton, Ohio. He survived from stroke, and for a better recovery, he combined golf and e-bike riding in his rehab program. 


Set out Your Trip with Heybike Mars - Jerry and Denise

As RV travelers, Jerry and Denise love to ride bikes and hike on their trails but were bothered by easily getting exhausted, especially in the heat, when riding traditional bikes.


Exploring Your Life with Love and Companion - Sandy & Don

Living an RV life in Florida, Sandy and Don began their journey after retirement. Keen on visiting all kinds of sights, e-bikes enriched their tour by expanding their exploration range, carrying them to unique and brilliant places.


Broden Your Life with Heybike - Steven Cersonsky

Living in Florida, and enjoying e-bike riding, the Heybike Mars e-bike became part of Steve and his family's life.


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