Our Story


Jason's commuting epiphany

Our founder, Jason, had a realization while working in a high-rise office building that commuting was causing him significant stress and delays.
He was tired of being constantly late to work due to traffic jams and public transit issues.


Jason and William's meeting

When William and Jason met, William had been in the outdoor cycling tools industry for a decade, who is another cycling enthusiast sharing the same vision for making commuting more convenient.


The creation of the Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike

That's when they founded Heybike and set out to create their first bike: Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike. This bike helped people commute more conveniently, but it didn't stop there: Cityscape became about seamlessly integrating cycling into everyone's lives.


Expansion & innovation

From a small garage to an international store, we continue to innovate and grow our product line to bring you best riding experience. Now we have over 40 models of e-bikes, including mountain electric bikes, folding electric bikes, city electric bikes, cruiser e-bikes, fat tire e-bikes, and many more for you to choose from.

Our mission & vision

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As technology progresses, we have all seen the rise of Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) and their impact on modern transportation. Just a couple of years ago, this tech was in its early adoption phase. Still, we find that electric transportation options are hard to get our hands on and come at premium prices.

HeyBike was driven to provide widely accessible and affordable electric transportation to people across the globe.


To Provide wldely accessible.affordable and ultimate electric transportation for everyone


To create a better green convenient life for as many people as possible.

We’ll always advocate the use of ebikes, whether you choose one of our models or a product from a competitor. That’s because we’ve realized—and we hope you will, too—that along with saving a lot of green (both for the environment and for your wallet), riding an ebike will bring smiles to your face and to those of future generations.

- Heybike -