Why Brawn?

Brawn is a powerful ebike designed for adventurous riders. It features a 1400W peak motor, allowing for an exhilarating speed of up to 28 mph. With a range of up to 65 miles on a single charge, Brawn ensures long-lasting fun and exploration on any terrain.

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The HEYBIKE BRAWN is an Absolute BEAST of an E–Bike

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1400W Peak Motor

Unleash you adventurous spirit with the powerful 750W motor (peak 1400W) that delivers thrilling speed and outstanding performance.

- 864Wh Battery Capacity
- 600 Cycle, 80% Battery Life

26"*4" Fat Tires

Experience unstoppable adventures with Brawn electric bike featuring rugged 26"*4" fat tires for ultimate traction and off-road capability.

Brawn’s fat tires provide better grips than thin tires, enhancing the stability on uneven trails and reducing risks of slipping.

Discover Brawn

Dual Crown Fork

Designed in a motorcycle style, the front suspension fork provides unrivaled control and stability.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Brawn is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for unparalleled stopping power and providing you with a confident and safe ride.

Safety Certified Battery

Brawn has a Safety Certified Battery (UL2849 Standard) to take you on a safe journey.

400 lbs Payload Capacity

Brawn’s large payload capacity allows you to carry enough necessities during outdoor traveling.

App Connection

Connect your bike with the Heybike smart app for convenient control of the bike.

4A Fast Charger

The 4A fast charger takes only 4-5 hours for one full charge.

Shock-absorbing Saddle

The shock-absorbing saddle cushions every ride on uneven roads, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

Automatic Headlight

The headlight can sense the surroundings and automatically turn on in dark conditions to illuminate the roadway.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Shift System

Tyson features a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system for smooth and precise gear changes, enhancing your riding experience.



Aluminum Alloy, removable lithium-ion battery, fender mounts, front & rear mount mechanical disc, kickstand mount


Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork

Hub rear

Brushless geared hub motor, 80Nm, 750W/1400W Peak Motor


Aluminum alloy


Puncture protection, 26"x4.0"-max tire size without fenders

E-system & Drivetrain

UL 2271 Recognized 48V/18Ah


48V 4A

Display Type

Smart LCD Display

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 7 speed


LED, headlight and taillight



Weight & Dimensions

35.5 kg / 78.3 lbs

Weight limit

Maximum total weight limit (combined weight of rider and cargo) of 400 pounds (181 kg).

Ebike Dimensions

75.2*24.6*4.5 inch

What's In The Box

  • Brawn

  • Charger

  • User Manual

  • Toolkit Box

  • Keys

FAQs - Brawn

Is Heybike Brawn Suitable for Riding on Beach?

Brawn is an all-terrain ebike, built for adventure. Also suitable for riding on the beach, its fat tires ensure a smooth ride on the beach. However, please try to avoid seawater during the ride to prevent equipment damage.

What's the maximum range of Brawn?

Brawn's maximum range is up to 65 miles in the PAS mode. It also depends on the specific rider's weight, road conditions, riding habits, and so on.

How to turn off the automatic headlight function?

How to turn off the automatic headlight function?

Is brawn suitable for heavy riders?

Sure! The max load capacity of Brawn is 400 lbs (not including the bike weight).

What Are The Benefits of Automatic Sensor Headlight on Heybike Brawn?

They will automatically sense the surrounding environment and turn on sensitively in darker conditions. Improved visibility keeps you safe when riding at night or dark environment.

How to adjust each PAS level speed on the ebike?

① You can adjust the PAS speed with Brawn display. ② Brawn supports App control. You can adjust the PAS level speed in the App. Find the setting button in the App and choose "personalize". Then you will find the speed settings.

What is the main strength of Brawn?

The Brawn ebike takes you to easily conquer uphills with a powerful 750W motor (peak 1400W) and 28 mph top speed. Its front suspension fork and 26" x 4" fat tires efficiently absorb shocks and ensure smooth riding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Brawn owner honest review

I got the e-bike as a Christmas gift from my wife. I wanted to ride it a while before leaving a review. We just returned from a trip to Red River Gorge in KY and I rode the bike until it died to see how long the battery would last in a hilly/mountain area. Well the answer is 35 miles. I’m 5’ 10” and 210 lbs and I have had nothing but fun in the bike. Rode 50 miles this last weekend and have put around 200 miles on it and have had no problems at all other than I’ve still not figured out how to put the basket on it that was sent along with it. I love the adjustable seat. Wish they came with a mirror. I think I’ll get one for my helmet because there’s not much room for one on the handlebars. Maybe I’ll attach one to the basket if I ever figure out how to mount it. lol. I’ve taken this bike on blacktop roads, concrete, gravel and dirt roads with no problems at all. Love the fat tires and the fact that if it’s accessible I can go down a trail and not worry about my bike. We will be posting e-bike videos on our YouTube channel discussing our trips and showing how awesome these bikes are @ outdoorswithchrisandbecky. My wife Becky has the Horizon and loves it as well. We are actually planning a longer trip and thinking about getting an extra battery so we can extend our ride days and miles logged. These bikes are comfortable enough for a several day ride with no problem. We are planning some bike packing on these soon. Over all I don’t think you can ask for more from Jeybike when you get the Brawn. Well made. Sturdy. Safe. Lots of fun and power to get you up the big hills. Headlight is nice and bright. Shimano gears shift smoothly. The bikes are heavy so if you buy and plan on hauling them on the back of a vehicle with a rack make sure you get a heavy duty one and not use what you have for your normal bikes. These bikes are much too heavy for a normal bike rack. In closing I’d just say if you’re on the fence about the purchase go ahead and do it. This is a great bike and lots of fun. We are 50ish and we are now riding bikes again more than ever. Get the bike. Get outside. Enjoy mother natures beauty. ✌️

Nate Gerhart
Money's Worth

Brawn owner for near a year now. I've done some of the most obnoxious red neck things with my Brawn such as jumping hills off-roading in the woods, top speed going through fields, and curb hopping through the city. After numerous crashes, every piece and part of the bike has shown its material strength in value. You get what you pay for. Even after a bad crash over the listed top speed of 26mph on this bike & me letting it sit smashed up outside all winter long after, it still powers on today. Terminator ahh bike just refuses to die. I was able to assess more of the damage, the fork broke, but the brakes served their purpose, every part of this bike's design showing its function and utter durability. What I have to say, is these bikes just don't want to give up, and for the extremely convenient charging/distance/performance I've gotten from the times I did treat it nice like a civilized bloke, I'm back on this site to find the parts I'll need to get my Brawn back to its adrenaline junkie adventures with me. If you're here looking for an electric bike just to commute on the bike tracks to work and the like, trust me, this thing is gonna treat you well. W purchase.

Muy bien en tiempo

Solo tiene un desperfecto en guardabarros trasero

Abdelaziz Adib
Brawn great E-bike.

Great product and great customer service, highly recommended.

Loving my Heybike Brawn!!

I have had my Brawn bike for about 3 month's now and I am loving it...does everything I put it through. I am surprised by the power it has and the distance It can go on a charge. If your thinking about getting one, do it!