When you are tortured by illnesses, what would you do? Will you be passive for living, or start a new life bravely? In this episode, we interviewed Elizabeth and David. See what Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter have to say.

Heybike eBikes bring a turning point in their life

Many years ago, Elizabeth has diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and arthritis, which made her difficult to walk, and not even exercise. Taking long-term prescription inevitably lead to certain side effects. Elizabeth gained weight after taking so many medications. Contradictions of losing weight and exercising but in a bad state of poor health that caused great distress to Elizabeth.

David, Elizabeth’s husband, used to be in the navy and he had a knee problem that caused him not able to run anymore. He used to ride his regular bike but he would like to want an eBike after testing Elizabeth’s Ranger.

They were not overwhelmed by the disease. On the contrary, after meeting their Heybike eBikes, they live a different life and they are very optimistic about exploring their life.

Start A New Life And Enjoy Riding With Heybike eBikes

Elizabeth decided to try bike riding. She got a Step-thru, foldable eBike Ranger and his husband David got a Brawn after she highly recommended it. They explored lots of scenic places with their eBikes, such as sandy beaches, farms, etc. These fat tires Heybike eBikes made their riding safe and stable. Elizabeth and David love to ride their Heybike eBikes around their block. They never worry about they couldn’t get back home if they were tired, because they have their assistant's eBikes.

Elizabeth said she had the biggest grin on her face after she is accompanied with her Ranger. Their lives appear a new world after they got their Heybike eBikes. Fortunately, Elizabeth lost 8 pounds so far and David became much stronger. eBikes riding make their lives healthier. Certainly, Cycling to explore outside also enriches their lives. They accompany each other and find more joy in lives. David said, "I realized this is also kind of for freedom, I could go much further away from home and still be able to get back with more assistance if I needed to get back."

Go Beyond Yourself And Expand the Possibilities of Life

From suffering the illness, and gaining weight to starting a new and healthy life with Heybike eBikes, Elizabeth and David challenge themselves and go beyond themselves. They did it! Now they love to ride together and they enjoy exercising with their cute dog.

Life is always full of challenges, just like illness can bother you. But we will always find new ways to overcome challenges, just like Elizabeth and David start their Heybike riding journey and live a different, energetic life. Go beyond yourself and expand the possibilities of life, Heybike is always with you, bringing a new experience to your life.

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