A 1000w hub motor electric bike can provide the extra power you need to go faster and reach new heights. They are equipped with high-wattage motors, which enable you to accelerate faster and reach a higher top speed than most other e-bikes.

Whether a 1000w electric bike is right for you depends on your preferences, riding purpose, and budget. In this article, we discuss the 1000w hub motor electric bike and things to consider when choosing one.

1000 w hub motor ebike on the Heybike Hero

What is a 1000w Hub Motor Electric Bike?

Put simply, it is an electric bike with a 1000w hub motor. To help you better understand what this means, let us break down the characteristics of a 1000w electric bike.

First, the number of watts refers to the output mechanical power of the motor. Without getting too technical, all you need to know is the higher the wattage, the more powerful the engine.

In the world of electric bikes, the average wattage on an e-bike engine can range from 250 and 500 to 750 and 1000w. Therefore, a 1000w motor is the most powerful, with the fastest acceleration and the highest top speed.

Second, the hub motor. A hub motor is a motor that is integrated into the hub of an electric bike wheel. Once installed onto the front or rear wheel, the hub motor generates torque to turn the wheels and propel the e-bike forward. Hub motors are a popular choice due to their cost-efficiency, and ease of installation.

What Are the Benefits of a 1000w Hub Motor Electric Bike?

There are many benefits to owning and operating a 1000w hub motor electric bike. These include the potential for increased performance, increased physical stamina, and the ability to climb the steepest hills

Increased performance

A 1000w hub motor is one of the most powerful motors you can equip on an electric bike. With an average peak power of 1500w, they are capable of reaching a top speed of 30mph+ and generating up to 100Nm of torque. This makes them ideal for cruising over flat surfaces and navigating tricky terrain.

Increased physical stamina

By equipping a powerful motor to your electric bike, you can rely more on the throttle and pedal assist to streamline your ride. This means you don’t have to work as hard to push the pedals, easing physical exertion and preserving more stamina. Plus, with more energy on your side, you can ride for longer without getting too tired.

Climb steep hills

With the combined benefits of a powerful motor and increased physical stamina, you can climb steep hills with greater ease and efficiency. No need to push yourself too hard or walk your bike up the hill. With a 1000w hub motor electric bike, you can tackle the toughest riding scenarios with total confidence and precision.

Things to Consider When Choosing a 1000w Hub Motor Electric Bike

Now that you understand the benefits of a 1000-watt hub motor, here is what to consider when choosing one of these electric bikes.


There are two main types of 1000w electric bikes: commuter and fat tire bikes. Commuter electric bikes often have 2.5 to 4” wide tires and a front fork suspension system, making them suitable for flat terrain and light off-road use. Meanwhile, fat tire e-bikes often have 4” or wider tires and a full suspension system, making them suitable for heavy-duty off-road use but with reduced acceleration and top speed on flat terrain.

Think about the type of terrain you intend to ride on. Then use that information to choose a 1000w electric bike that best suits your location and lifestyle.

Weight preference

While there are many factors that influence the weight of an electric bike, the size of the 1000w motor does make it larger than heavier than lower-wattage motors.
This is an important consideration to make, especially if you need to carry your e-bike up and down a flight of stairs during your daily commute. Weight can also influence the riding feel of your electric bike.

Of course, the increased torque and wattage of the 1000w hub motor does negate much of the weight difference, meaning the benefits of a more powerful motor outweigh any potential drawbacks.


Generally, high-performing electric bikes command a higher sale price can most other e-bikes. While the price may vary depending on the store and manufacturer, the average price of a 1000w electric bike may start at around $1,200 or more. Therefore, it is important to compare options and purchase from a reputable retailer that offers the best value for money.

Brake system

It is no secret that 1000-watt hub motor e-bikes are incredibly fast. This is why it is vital you can come to a complete stop – safely and efficiently.

For this reason, most 1000w e-bikes have hydraulic disc brakes equipped. When you squeeze the brake lever, brake fluid is pushed through the system, forcing the brake pads to contact the disc rotor.

This braking system enables you to control how much brake pressure you apply, enabling you to stop at the right pace.

How Fast Can a 1000-Watt Hub Motor E-Bike Go?

The average top speed of a 1000-watt hub motor can vary based on the make and manufacturer. In most cases, though, these motors can reach about 30mph or higher. Some e-bikes can be equipped with dual 1000w hub motors, enabling you to reach an even higher top speed!

However, it is worth noting that the top speed you can ride (legally) may be limited by local laws and regulations. So, be sure to check with your local jurisdiction so that you avoid breaking the law.

Go Further With a 1000w Hub Motor Electric Bike

With a 1000w electric bike, you gain the extra power you need to ride further and reach new heights. For the ultimate electric bike riding experience, explore the all-new Hero carbon fiber all-terrain ebike on Heybike.

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