6 Best Electric Bikes for Adults in 2024: For Every Type of Rider

Over the years, the electric bike market has exploded in popularity, with models for seemingly every rider under the sun.

In the market for an urban commuter? An off-roader? Or something to lug heavy cargo? You are bound to find an electric bike to suit your needs and budget – the only problem is finding one that lets you explore the world on your own terms.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best eBikes for adults, in the hopes you achieve that very goal. Let’s get started.

  1. Best Affordable Adult Electric Bike – Mars 2.0
  2. Best Full Suspension eBike for 6-Foot Adults – Horizon
  3. Best Step-Through eBike for Short Riders – Ranger S
  4. Best Carbon Fiber eBike for Adventurous Riders – HERO
  5. Best Cargo eBike for Delivery Personnel – Hauler
  6. Best Urban eBike for Commuters – Cityrun

Best Affordable Adult Electric Bike – Mars 2.0

It’s no secret that electric bikes carry a higher price tag than their non-electric counterparts. This makes sense, as electric bikes have advanced electrical components like batteries, motors, torque sensors, and sometimes a throttle.

As the technology improves and the cost of manufacturing lowers, the number of budget options rises. So finally, you can join the electrical revolution without breaking the bank.

Best Affordable Adult Electric Bike | Heybike

This is where the Heybike Mars 2.0 comes in. At a starting price of $999, the Mars 2.0 is an affordable, entry-level electric bike that packs a punch.

The lightweight, compact frame makes it easy to navigate any urban setting, whether it be weaving through quiet neighborhoods or congested city streets.

Plus, the 1000w brushless hub motor can reach 32 mph, ideal for riding fast through soft, off-road trails like loose gravel and dirt.

Another innovation is the unique folding design. Simply unlock the latch in the center, fold the frame in half, and store it wherever you please. This makes storing and transporting your eBike in cramped quarters quick and easy.

Best Full Suspension eBike for 6-Foot Adults – Horizon

Some tall riders struggle to find a bike frame size that matches their height. This is because most bike frames accommodate the average height, which can often fall below the needs of taller individuals.

The right bike frame size should let you:

  • stand upright,
  • keep your feet apart, and
  • reach the handlebars without straining your arms.

For this reason, always choose an electric bike with a height-adjustable saddle and handlebars.

Best Full Suspension eBike for tall riders | heybike

The Heybike Horizon is an excellent choice for taller riders. The step-through frame, with its lack of a top bar, makes it easy to mount and dismount the saddle. Plus, the frame size has a suggested rider height of 5’5” to 6’3” (165cm to 190cm).

Aside from being a taller rider’s dream, the Horizon can hold its own off the beaten path. With 24x4” fat tires and full suspension, you can absorb rough terrain including mud, dirt, sand, and even snow.

Best of all? The 692Wh battery can go 55 miles on a single charge – great for long-distance riding.

Best Step-Through eBike for Short Riders – Ranger S

On the other spectrum, shorter riders often struggle with frame sizes, too. This is especially true for riders below 5 feet (150cm) in height. If the frame is too large, they may struggle to reach the saddle and keep both feet on the ground.

There are many electric bikes for adults with small, compact frames, which are perfect for short riders. One such model is the Heybike Ranger S.

Best step-through ebike for short rider | Heybike

Like the Horizon, the Ranger S has a step-through frame, which makes it easy for short riders to mount and dismount the saddle. It also has a suggested rider height of 4’11” to 6’3” (150cm to 190cm).

In addition, this powerful folding eBike is surprisingly versatile, with a top speed of 32 mph and a 55-mile travel range on a single charge. You can also choose either a 750w or a 1000w motor, of which the latter has a torque sensor for a more natural ride feel.

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Best Carbon Fiber eBike for Adventurous Riders – HERO

While most electric bikes are made from aluminum due to its strength and cost-efficiency, carbon fiber is another quality material. It is lighter than aluminum, more corrosion-resistant, and can conform to unique shapes.

Carbon fiber also provides improved wind resistance, reducing drag for better acceleration.

best carbo fiber ebike | Heybike

You can enjoy all of these qualities – and more – with the Heybike HERO.Launched in early 2024, the HERO is our first carbon fiber electric bike for adults.

The T800 carbon fiber mainframe, weighing only 2.8kg, is 36% lighter than aluminum. It offers superior lightweight performance and vibration dampening, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Also, the HERO has a cutting-edge 750w mid-drive motor, providing up to 160Nm of torque. This enables you to tackle steep inclines and rugged trails, while the torque sensor provides a more responsive ride feel with minimal latency.

Best Cargo eBike for Delivery Personnel – Hauler

Delivery riders transport heavy cargo to many locations in short time. By using an electric bike, they save energy on pedaling and use routes that cars cannot reach, optimizing delivery times.

Unfortunately, not all electric bikes have the battery and payload to support long-distance riding. As a result, delivery riders lose time (and money) on having to recharge and restock their bikes.

best electric cargo bike | Heybike

With a stunning 440lbs payload capacity, the Heybike Hauler is our most capable cargo adult e-bike to date.

By attaching a large basket to the rear, you can transport groceries, delivery orders, and hunting, fishing, or camping supplies. Plus, you can use the DIY peg board to clip items to the side, such as water bottles and bike locks.

Another impressive feature of the Hauler is the dual battery system. With a massive 1464Wh battery capacity, you can ride up to 85 miles on a single charge. In addition, the Hauler is safety-certified with UL 2849 standards.

Best Urban eBike for Commuters – Cityrun

Urban commuting presents a variety of unique challenges. Riding alongside traffic. Navigating hordes of pedestrians. And taking shortcuts like alleyways and bike paths. For these reasons, you want an urban adult e-bike, one versatile enough to support flat and rough terrain.

best city e-bike | Heybike

In that case, you’re in luck, because the Heybike Cityrun has you covered. Featuring 26x2.5” tires, a 500w hub motor, and hydraulic front suspension, the Cityrun is a stylish urban commuter with a durable build.

The Cityrun is extremely versatile, able to zip through neighborhoods and tackle long city commutes. Also, the large diameter tires provide excellent shock absorption, allowing you to ride off the beaten path with confidence.

Choosing the Perfect eBike for Adults

With so many options, finding the best eBike for adults can be tough. There are many factors to consider, including the motor, tire size, frame size, battery capacity, and storage capacity. Choosing an electric bike that matches your lifestyle is also important, especially if you’re a delivery rider or go off-roading.

Whether you’re riding for leisure, fitness, or work, the world of electric bikes is growing. Check out our expansive electric bike range to find your perfect match today. And if you have any questions, get in touch. Happy cycling!

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