Life is priceless. You need to consider and ensure your safety while driving a bicycle as well. Fortunately, many kinds of protective equipment today can help you ride your bicycle safely anywhere. However, accidents can happen anytime. An errant driver, a faulty brake, or an improperly functioning rear bicycle light may all result in a grave accident. The LED lights blinking at the back of your bicycle can be especially important for preventing accidents. You should ensure that you have a good quality rear light for your bike, which is also working properly before you embark on a bike tour.

The Importance of Bicycle Brake Lights

Surveys reveal that most of the accidents occur during the nighttime. The LED rear bike lights can ensure that a vehicle coming from the back can see your rear or brake lights and can apply breaks in time. Many of the electric bikes sold today have inbuilt LED rear lights. However, you can always choose a secondary rear light as well for your bicycle, which will further improve the safety of the rider.

The laws state that a bicycle should have a rear light if the rider is cycling during the nighttime or in the dark. Having a rear light will ensure that you are not fined or penalized for riding a bike in a way that does not comply with the law.

A bicycle brake light can also be a source of illumination when you are traveling in the dark or during the nighttime. It is especially helpful when you are traveling through the road bumps or moving around the curbs. A crash may be caused anytime by a pothole or a divot that you cannot see. Many of these issues can be prevented by the standard white or red lights. However, the flashing and the blinking bike lights are a better option as they can grab the attention of a driver coming from behind you instantly.

How to Choose the Most Fit Rear Bicycle Lights

The rear lights of a bike ensure that the drivers coming behind you can see you easily riding a bike or know that something is moving forward and in front of them. A brake light for bicycle should be below 200 lumens. It will ensure that the drivers coming from behind are not blinded by excessive illumination. For city use, the rear bike light may have an illumination capacity of up to 150 lumens.

Frequently Asked Question for Bike Brake Lights

Q: How bright or how many lumens do I need for it?

For city use, you do not require a bike rear light having more than 200 lumens. This much light intensity will ensure that the rear driver can see you or notice you easily and prevent any kind of accident. This much light intensity is also not excessively high. Your backlight may have an intensity varying between 50 lumens to a maximum of 150 lumens.

Q: How long will the brake light battery last?

You can use the rear lights of bicycles having rechargeable batteries. You can easily recharge the light and its battery by using a USB cable. The USB rechargeable battery will ensure that you can also recharge the rear lights by using a power bank. Therefore, you will be able to recharge the batteries of the rear light of your bike no matter where you are.

At maximum brightness, your rear lights may last for a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the brand and the make and model you choose. However, the lights may remain illuminating for up to 200 hours if they are used at low intensity. Again, different kinds of rear light models for bikes have different kinds of batteries with varying capacities. If you are searching for a rear light for your bicycle online, you need to visit the product page and go through the description and the specification details carefully. It will reveal to you all the features and specifications of the bike including its battery time.

Q: Can I mount it on my seat post, seat stays, or even helmet?

You will be able to mount the rear lights of your bicycle on your seat post and the seed stays. However, you need to choose the right light for it. For instance, you must look for rear lights that have multiple mounting posts, which will ensure that you can attach and fix them wherever you want. A rear light that has the flexibility for mounting can also be tilted to any angle you want. However, most of the rear lights do not offer any feature of helmet mounting.

Other Features to Look For Bicycle Brake Light

There are many other kinds of useful features that the rear lights of the bikes may offer you. For instance, they can offer you different kinds of lighting modes that can be used in different kinds of situations. At a low illumination mode, your light will continue to blink for a much longer time. If you are considering biking for the whole day, you should ensure that you have such a kind of rear bike light that can remain illuminating throughout the day. A bike light may also be waterproof and not allow ingress of water within the battery and the light. It can be a good feature if you get to ride a bike during rainy conditions. These other features can be useful when you are using the lights on your bike and are riding it.


The rear bike lights are essential for safe travel and ride of a bike, whether it is day or night. It also ensures that you can abide by the laws and do not have to face any fines or penalties. When choosing a light for your bike, you should look for aspects including luminous intensity, battery time, and mounting positions, among others carefully. It will ensure that you can ride your bike safely in all kinds of terrains and can prevent the accidents that are caused by potholes and other kinds of uneven services.

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