Explore Camping and E-Bike Routes in Montana

From the alpine meadows of Glacier National Park to the dramatic mountains of Bozeman, Montana has it all. The breathtaking views, scenic bike trails, and distinctly north-western vibe make riding around this beloved state a memorable experience.

But, with so many destinations to choose from, narrowing down your options can be tough. To help you out, here are the best ebike routes in Montana.

Unlock Montana’s Diverse Landscapes With an Electric Bike

An electric bike is an accessible, efficient, and eco-friendly way to explore Montana. The power of the electric pedal assist allows riders to climb steep hills and navigate technical terrain with less pedaling effort. Off-road electric bikes like the Heybike HERO have fat tires and dual suspension, absorbing the impact of rugged landscapes and ensuring a comfortable ride.

Plus, while electric bikes leave a carbon footprint during manufacturing, they release no emissions and require only electricity to recharge the battery. By comparison, a typical gasoline-powered passenger vehicle emits 4.6 tons of CO2 annually.

The Best Camping and Cycling Routes in Montana

Montana is full of cycling routes and camping spots to discover. Many of these electric bike trails offer panoramic mountain views, access to well-equipped camping sites, and stunning water features like lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.
You will also encounter trails of various lengths and difficulty levels, enabling you to choose the paths that suit your physical capabilities and riding preferences.

Additionally, we will briefly cover the details of each camping spot so that you get an idea of what to expect.

The first ebike route in Montana on our list is the Big Mountain Ride in Whitefish.

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Big Mountain Ride – Whitefish, Montana

Big Mountain Ride – Whitefish, MT

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 32 miles

The Big Mountain Ride is low in difficulty but covers a long distance of 32 miles. Starting in downtown Whitefish, head north via the pedestrian lane. Take your time, giving way to cars and pedestrians.

Once you reach Wisconsin Avenue, the trail will convert to Lakeshore Drive. Continue along this path until you reach Big Mountain Road. Turn right and admire the 2,000km-tall Whitefish Mountain ahead of you. Once you reach the base of the mountain, stop for a rest and enjoy the magnificent view. Return south the way you came, and your journey will conclude in downtown Whitefish.

The Heybike HERO is an excellent all-terrain electric bike for the Big Mountain Ride trail. While the path is simple, the HERO’s powerful motor and lightweight performance tackles rough terrain and inclines effortlessly. The HERO also has a max travel range of 60 miles, which will take you there and back both ways with aslight recharge.

Camping: The Whitefish Campground is on the southwest shore of Whitefish Lake. This picturesque camping spot has a bathhouse, a picnic shelter, and proximity to a beach. You can also use the HERO’s 400 lbs payload capacity to transport camping supplies.

Emerald Lake – near Bozeman, Montana

Emerald Lake – near Bozeman, MT

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11 miles

Emerald Lake, south of Bozeman, is an 11-mile round trip and moderately difficult. Expect moderate foot traffic on the trail, as the route is popular among locals and tourists. The lake is also the perfect spot for lunch, so be sure to bring food, beverages, and a picnic basket.

First, find a parking spot at the Palisade Falls Picnic Area. Then, ride southeast along the East Fork of Hyalite Creek. Along the way, admire the breathtaking waterfalls and be mindful of incoming and oncoming foot traffic. Upon reaching Emerald Lake (or Heather Lake nearby), stop for lunch and turn back to return to Palisade Falls.

Camping: If you plan to camp, the Loch Even Campground is within driving distance of the Emerald Lake trail. The campsite has 30 tents and trailer campsites, water, and latrines. There are also spots for fishing, hiking, and – most importantly – mountain biking.

Grassy Mountain Trail – near Bozeman, Montana

Gassy Mountain Trail – near Bozeman, MT

Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult
Length: 16 miles

The Grassy Mountain Trail is one of the most popular bike trails near Bozeman. However, the trail can be muddy in spring/fall and covered in snow during winter. We recommend a versatile fat tire electric bike with dual suspension, such as the Heybike HERO.

Your journey begins at the Custer Gallatin National Forest. Park at the Brackett Creek Trailhead, just off Brackett Creek Road. For the first part of the loop, follow Bridger Canyon Road, heading south and turning left on to Olson Creek Road. Continue on Olson Creek Road until you reach the Bangtail Divide Trail, and then return north to your starting point.

Camping: The Fairy Lake Campground is near the Grassy Mountain Trail. However, there are only nine campsites and no reservation system. Therefore, arrive early to secure your spot for the night.

Dino Park to Nash – Bozeman, Montana

Dino Park to Nash – Bozeman, MT

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 21 miles

The Dino Park to Nash trail is a great route for families. The trail itself is simple, and the starting location is Dinosaur Park, which has plenty of attractions that the kids will love. Additionally, the trail consists of 14 landmarks, including various exhibits and programs.

Starting from Dino Park, head south toward Nash Road. Continue along Nash Road and follow the signage to visit local attractions along the way. Along the way, you will encounter unique paleontology displays, guided tours, and open field digs.

At any time, you can come back the way you come – or choose a new route to form a loop.

Camping: The Bear Canyon Campground is located near the Dino Park trail. You can either rent a sheltered cabin or set up a tent for an authentic camping experience. There is also a public pool for the kids, a playground, and a picnic pavilion.

Riding Across Montana Made Easy

Montana is a beautiful state with incredible scenery, friendly locals, and plenty of electric bike trails to discover. Hopefully this article will inspire you to explore everything that the “Big Sky Country” has to offer.

On the hunt for a new electric bike? Explore the full Heybike electric bike range. We have electric bikes to suit all rider preferences, including folding ebikes for easy storage and off-road bikes for tackling rugged trails. Ride your way, today.

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