Autumn brings the beauty of color-changing leaves and relief from the summer heat.For some, the change of seasons might be a reason to put the bike away for the year. In fact, fall might be the perfect time to hit the trail.

You might have noticed that your usual cycling route through the city is quieter, emptier. There are some key tips for riding an e-bike this autumn, please enjoy our riding guide for this fall!

1. Check the weather forecast

The weather at this time of year changes quickly and often, we can be caught in showers. In order to protect yourself against getting cold or wet, plan ahead by checking the forecast and bringing the appropriate clothing with you. Such as carry a waterproof jacket or gilet that packs down into a jersey pocket. Dressing in multiple layers can also give you flexibility as the day warms up and your body temperature rises.

2. Stay visible

In Autumn, daylight hours reduce. As the nights draw in, it’s even more important to make sure you’re visible. A couple of lights fitted to the frame and some high-visibility clothing or items with reflective inserts can provide you greater safety in the twilight.

Checking sunrise and sunset times before going ahead with the planning of your ride will allow you to reduce the risk of having to ride back home in the dark.

3. Ensure your electric bicycle is running smoothly

It’s always advisable to run a full servicing of your e-bike before long trips or depending on how frequently you use it.

Riding on a wet dirty path would easily spray dirt which is most likely to cause a bad condition to your chain. Therefore clean the chain frequently so that keeps your bike clean is necessary. Another particularly important part of your bike is the brake, which is required to be checked much more frequently to prevent wearing in a more critical way by mud, water, sand, and so on.

Looking after your beloved bicycle is the best way to reduce the chance of mechanical issues during your autumn rides.

4. Avoiding the fallen leaves

The leaves look beautiful but once they’re on the ground they can pose a hazard to cyclists as they can conceal rubbish, stones, conkers and more that can cause punctures.

Wet leaves also tend to be almost as slippery as ice. They become hazardous during autumn because trees lose most of their leaves during this season. Although modern electric bike tires come with a very good grip on the road, no matter what the condition is, you should consider avoiding those fallen leaves as much as possible to be on the safe side.

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Autumn is a great season for cycling and to tackle fantastic rides in the saddle of your commuter bike, enjoying mild temperatures and warm hues around. There’s nothing like the cool air on your face and spectacular colors!

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