Many people are considering exchanging their car for an electric bike. The number of electric bikes sold in recent years was much higher than the number of cars sold in the United States.

In this article, we will talk about the best use of each type of vehicle and provide some pointers that will guide you to select an e-bike or a car.

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When Should You Use An Ebike?

Although cars possess many benefits, they may not always be better than e-bikes.

Easy to commute and park

Even though cars are capable of moving much faster, they are more likely to be trapped in traffic. An e-bike can be best in a city where one can ride on shoulder bike lanes to avoid traffic congestion. An e-bike does not have to have a big parking lot. You can keep it in your house or your office if you wish.

Fuel and maintenance costs

An electric vehicle does not run on gasoline. It implies that e-bikes will help you save a lot on fuel costs. Also, e-bike maintenance costs are less than car maintenance costs.

Healthy lifestyle

An e-bike is ideal for you if you want to inject more physical activity into your life. E-bikes are effective in improving cardiovascular health and strengthening leg muscles.

Environmentally friendly choice

E-bikes do not use fossil fuels. They do not emit harmful carbon. This is why e-bikes are environmentally friendly and can be used to curb global warming. In addition, e-bikes are not noisy and do not contaminate air with noise as large cities do.

When Should You Use A Car?

The advantages of riding two wheels are evident. However, sometimes nothing is more efficient in getting from point A to point B than the classic four-wheeled car.

Driving distance

The maximum distances of long-range e-bikes can reach approximately 138 miles, the average e-bike will not drive more than 55-65 miles. A car can take you farther and is more pleasant.

Carrying capacity

It is more practical to travel with a car if a lot of goods are involved.

Less weather impact

One of the best aspects of e-bikes is that you can enjoy the fresh air, but that freedom is not so much fun in rain or snow. In such hazardous conditions, cars may be safer.

Greater room

Do you want a trip to school with the children or plan a road trip with your best friends? The car is the more convenient option. An eBike is a great option when it is just one passenger – you!

Comparison Between E-bike And Car

There are many reasons to think seriously about choosing an ebike rather than a car to get around daily, starting with maintaining physical fitness or making a positive environmental contribution. In the ensuing section, let us examine a few advantages of owning an e-bike in comparison to a car.

For saving money

Long term, e-bikes are big cost cutters when compared to cars. Although they may seem like a rather costly investment initially, when you factor in the registration fees, insurance fees, tires, maintenance and repair costs, and depreciation, you will realize that an electric bike is much more considerate of your budget. In terms of maintenance expenses, ebikes cost cheaper than cars.



Initial cost of purchase

$1,200 to $12,000


Fuel costs

10 to 16 cents per full charge

$43.29 to $53.28 to fill gas tank


55 to 70 miles

314 to 387 miles

Maintenance costs

$400 to $450 annually

$9,666 annually

Insurance costs

$630 annually

$1,630 annually

For fighting climate change

Cars – even electric ones – are very famous but emit huge emissions. Moreover, riding an electric road bicycle reduces your costs and carbon footprint, which makes you eco-friendly.

For better life

When you pedal your ebike, it is not much different from riding a standard bike, and hence you enjoy all the benefits of physical fitness. Even though most electric bikes are driven by pedal assist, you can do some workouts.

Are E-bikes Better Than Cars?

It is not possible to say whether e-bikes are more or less effective than cars. The truth is the appropriate vehicle for you is determined by your personal needs.
For instance, if you have to drop your children off at school every morning by carpooling or you are planning a long-distance road trip, a car would be more beneficial.

Nevertheless, e-bikes are excellent in many situations, including urban driving, which allows you to zip through gridlocks. E-bikes have other advantages, such as environmental friendliness, workouts, and parking. On all fronts – from the first purchase of an e-bike to the maintenance of it, an e-bike is more cost-effective than a car.

What Is The Lifespan Of Ebikes?

The lifespan of an electronic bicycle can range from 3-10 years. The electric bike components eventually wear out and become more inefficient with every use. It usually becomes apparent after 500 cycles on most e-bikes.

Are E-bikes Safe?

Yes, e-bikes are safe and secure to ride. It is due to the motor that makes the e-bike different from a standard bike. The e-bike motor comes with a pedal assist system (PAS), which helps in moving the bike forward while pedaling and speeds up the pace and the time of starting. It helps maintain easy-to-follow speed with traffic and quickens speed after a red light or stop sign. Riders can stay safe by holding on to the pace.

A good e-bike must also have features that ensure safety, such as front and rear lights and reflectors so that they can be visible. Other safety components integrated into e-bikes are hydraulic disc brakes which allow for safe stops. Naturally, best practices are applied to promote safety in cycling. For instance, you should never ride without putting on a helmet.


Both of the choices have advantages but also can have disadvantages. All in all, the choice between an ebike and a car is purely subjective and based on your preferences. If you are ready to own an ebike, contact us now. We aim to avail this opportunity to every customer. Get in touch with us today to know where we can direct you to the perfect ebike.

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