If you have recently bought an electric bike, you are probably wondering how to transport it safely. With an e-bike hitch rack, your worries will be over, as you can carry your electric bike with you while driving in your car. This guide on choosing the right ebike hitch rack will help you select the best one for your needs.

What is an electric bike rack?

An Electric bike rack is a device that can transport your electric bicycle. Most of them are designed to fit on your car or inside your trunk. They also come in various styles and designs, and you need to find the one that suits you best. Fat tire ebike racks are available in two types - roof-mounted and hitch-mounted. Roof-mounted racks are cheaper but can damage your vehicle's paint job. Hitch-mounted racks are pricier, but they provide better security.

What Should We Consider When Choosing Electric Hitch Rack for Cars?

Here are essential factors to consider when choosing an electric bike rack:

1) Bike weight

When choosing an electric hitch rack, you want one that is capable of carrying a heavy load. The heavier your bike and cargo, the more sturdy your rack should be. Consider the bike's weight and how much it can carry before buying an e-bike. Remember, the bigger tire size will also add to the weight. A fat tire e-bike needs a fat tire e-bike rack. There are racks designed specifically for fat tires, and these racks will be able to support the extra weight. If you don't have a fat tire e-bike, other options exist, such as the trunk or roof-mounted racks that work well with regular-sized tires.

2) Bike tire width

The width of the bike is also an important consideration when choosing an electric bike rack. Take a look at the type of bikes that you typically ride. Do you own fat tire e-bikes? Then fat tire e-bike racks may be your best bet. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but they're also very easy to use. You simply tighten the locking mechanism until the tire is securely placed.

3) Wheelbase length

Your bike's wheelbase is crucial because you need to ensure that your bike will fit on a bicycle rack. The length of your front and rear wheels should correspond with how far apart you want to mount your hitch racks. Another thing to remember is the height of your car, if you have a tall vehicle, you may want to invest in some special fat tire ebike rack extensions. These extensions go onto the standard fat tire e-bike racks and help extend them to match up with a taller car. They're inexpensive and can easily be stored inside your garage when not in use. They're especially handy for people who drive trucks, SUVs, or RVs since those vehicles usually have higher frames.

4) Rack weight

The weight of the rack is also substantial. A lighter electric bike rack makes for easier lifting and installation. Always consider the weight capacity of your electric bike rack, so you know what size to get. Be aware that fat tire ebike racks can weigh upwards of thirty pounds, so you'll need some muscle power (or assistance from a friend). Before installing any electric bike rack, always check that it's compatible with the manufacturer's recommendations. Some brands require specific models, while others specify certain types of bikes, like e-bikes. It's also important to note that most automobile manufacturers limit the number of accessories you can attach to your car, so double-check the limits beforehand and consult an expert if necessary.

5) Number of bikes

Finally, you'll want to consider how many bikes you'll be transporting at one time. Are you going to be loading up two or three e-bikes every other day? Or are you only planning on taking one bike out at a time? This may seem irrelevant, but it's not; if you don't plan on riding with a partner, there's no point in investing in an electric bike rack that can hold multiple bikes. You'll save yourself both money and storage space. Even if you plan on riding with friends and family, you might want to purchase a rack that only holds one bike. This way, you won't need to worry about changing the rack configuration each time you leave the house.

Types of Racks for Electric Bikes Explained

1. Trunk-mounted racks

These are mounted on your car's trunk and can be used with most electric bikes. You need to purchase an adapter kit specific to your bike, but it will work with any brand or model bike as long as you have a mounting system compatible with this type of rack.

2. Hitch-mounted racks

These are sturdy than trunk-mounted racks, and they will carry more weight. However, they may not work well with all cars. You need to look at your vehicle's hitch before you purchase a hitch-mounted rack because it won't fit with all vehicles. If you don't know what size hitch your car has, measure the inside diameter where the ball would sit to determine which type of rack will work best.

3. Roof-mounted racks

These provide easy access to your bike, but they aren't as secure and stable as other types of racks. If someone opens their door or has high wind conditions while driving, these racks could be knocked off. They also make it hard to see out the back window when you are reversing.


In a nutshell, Ebike racks are an essential accessory for anyone who owns an electric bike. Whether you're looking to transport your bike on a long-distance trip or use it as your primary means of transportation at home, there are many options available to meet your needs. When deciding on the type of rack that best suits your needs, you should take into account factors such as weight and wheelbase length. We recommend looking into types of racks before purchasing one.

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