There are some essential accessories that every ebike owner should own, and rear-view mirrors are one of them. Whether you're pedaling the bike or riding it like a scooter, these mirrors will help increase your visibility and awareness while out on the road and make you feel more comfortable biking in traffic.

Where Can We Install the Ebike Mirrors

1. On handlebar

Install the mirror(s) on the handlebar so that you can see yourself and what's coming up behind you when riding. It also works great for checking behind you when stopped at an intersection.

2. Below handlebar

If you already have your handlebar grips installed, it is easier to place the mirror there instead of above. The placement below the handlebar gives you a clear view of the road without any obstruction due to an extra bar. Although it would be more difficult if the standard grip doesn't come with a bracket.

Things to Consider When Buying an Ebike Mirror

1. Mirror Mount Location

The two common locations for mounting the mirror are on the handlebar or below it. Some mirrors can be installed on most places of the bike, e.g., the down tube, seat tube, and fork blade. It is safer to mount them below handlebar to avoid collision with a car passing by and keep you attention on the road instead of being distracted by the mirror.

2. Goldilocks Adjustability

The mirror should be adjustable to a point that it's far enough from your helmet to have a clear view, and close enough to see what's behind you. Too close, and you won't be able to see anything but the mirror.

3. Compatibility With Your Bike or Helmet

All mirror mounts are adjustable, but they won't fit your bike perfectly. Each of them also comes with a specific size, shape and position that makes your bike work. One tip is to double check the mirror mount size before you buy it. It is okay to buy a different ebike mirror if it doesn't fit your bike properly or doesn't fit your helmet.

4. Quality

Ebike mirrors are small and unassuming, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. Inexpensive mirrors tend to have poor mounting mechanisms and often aren't sturdy enough to withstand the elements, especially if you ride your bike a lot. Be sure to buy a mirror that is well-made and at least made with durable materials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ebike Mirrors

Q: Are Ebike Mirrors Worth It?

Why even buy an ebike mirror in the first place? Well, they can be a great safety feature if used correctly. It is also a fun way to have fun riding in traffic and have more visibility on your bike. A well-respected research study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at Yale University found that ebike riders who used mirrors while operating their bikes were less likely to cause collisions than those who did not use mirrors.

Q: Do You Need 2 Bike Mirrors?

The short answer is yes! Having more than one mirror gives you a better perspective on the road and it makes you safer and aware of what is behind you. You'll be able to see for yourself if anyone or anything is coming up behind you, and it will also make it easier for you to gauge how fast you need to go or correct your position in a turn. The better you know what's going on behind you, the better of a driver you will be.

Q: Should Ebike Mirrors Be on Left or Right?

The best position for an ebike mirror is slightly to the rear of the handlebar, or at least at an angle that you can see your handlebar. When installing the mirror, it's better to have it on your left side so you can see what's coming from behind you better. The worst case scenario is that you won't be able to see anything, but at least you will be more aware.


A rear-view mirror on the bike is a must-have accessory. Whether you're riding in traffic or just riding for fun, this best ebike accessories will make it more convenient and safe. If you're still not sure about the ebike mirror, it's always better if you read more review and user's experience about the product. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

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