If you are new to the world of electric bikes, you may wonder whether they are for lazy people or they carry something extra. Several studies show that riding an electric bike is an excellent form of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. In short, ebikes provide workout and help improve your fitness.

ebikes provide good workout

Can You Get a Good Workout by Riding an Electric Bike?

It's no secret that ebikes provide good workout. Riding an e-bike gives you an amazing cardio workout. The workout supports your cardio health while helping you build muscles as well. Moreover, a recent study shows that riding an e-bike with pedal assist mode helps a rider burn around 444 calories per hour compared to about 552 calories burned on a traditional bike.

Therefore, e-bikes can be a great form of exercise. Certain research even shows that people riding an e-bike tend to log more exercise minutes including longer trips compared to conventional bikes.

Research about E-bike Workout

Researchers from Brigham Young University worked with 33 men volunteers between ages 18 and 65 to ride normal mountain bikes and pedal-assist e-bikes. After that, the heart rates of the riders were checked. It was found that it requires effort to ride e-bikes. Besides, it has the same physical exertion as riding a traditional mountain bike.

However, the heart rate of the participants on the e-bikes was 93.6% more than that of the ones riding conventional bikes. Furthermore, the researchers found out that most participants were positive toward e-bikes after the test. Additionally, e-bikes are a great form of cardiovascular or aerobic workout even for experienced riders.

6 Ways That an Electric Bike Can Provide a Good Workout

Below listed are ways that an e-bike can help you give a great workout.

1. Set the pedal-assist level to low

If you are planning to use an e-bike to keep fit, you should understand its mechanics so that you can make the necessary changes to make the most out of the bike. An e-bike has an electric motor to power the bike.

The level of assistance that you need as a rider is determined by pedal assist. If the pedal assistance is higher, you get more help when pedaling and you have to put in less effort. When you set it low, you have to paddle harder to move the bike. That way you get high-intensity exercise.

2. Riding e-bikes will increase your heart rate

Although e-bikes come with pedal assistance, it doesn't mean that they give you advantages in terms of a good workout. A study was conducted where the riders of e-bikes and normal mountain bikes participated. Researchers used tools to monitor heart rates.

Especially when they are riding. The riders on e-bikes had a 94% average heart rate compared to the ones who were riding normal bikes. With e-bikes, you can have an amazing cardiovascular workout that helps you protect your lungs and heart while improving your circulatory system.

3. With e-bikes, you can ride farther oftentimes

Not only does exercise mean intensity, but also it is about regularity. This is when e-bikes come in handy most of the time. Some studies show that people who ride e-bikes ride more distance compared to people who ride on normal bikes. In a study, it was found that e-bike riders tend to double their bike use.

So, what's the reason that makes e-bikes different? It can be assumed that people are more eager to ride bikes if they get pedal assistance on tough rides like going uphill. Precisely, riders find e-biking more enjoyable than normal bike rides.

4. Psychological benefits of e-biking

Physical and mental well-being work in collaboration when it comes to having great health. This is where e-bikes come with an advantage. E-bikes show some psychological benefits because they release endorphins to improve your mood.

Because pedal assistance makes work easier, e-biking improves mental health and riders can go for many miles effortlessly. With more time, people can explore the outdoors well. When spending more time in nature, helps you combat anxiety and stress.

5. E-biking is demanding on muscles and joints

Certain exercises like jogging can impact your knees. When you are running, the knees absorb shock from the ground. On the contrary, cycling has a low impact on your knees. This is why it is recommended for people with arthritis and knee pain.

Moreover, the pedal assists support healthy exercise and people with weak musculature or knee problems find e-biking relaxing. Pedal assistance is a great option that supports mobility as well. Dialing down the pedal assist will make your workout intense.

6. E-biking helps you recover from injuries

The versatility of e-bikes makes them a great form of physical therapy, too. Cycling addresses issues such as improving mobility, building muscle, improving cardiovascular health, and so on. With e-biking, you can control the conditions with ease. The pedal assist feature falls in line with several goals of physical therapy.

Besides, e-biking is a great way for people to make exercise a daily habit. That way, e-biking becomes more enjoyable compared to normal cycling. When people enjoy physical activity, they are likely to hold to it.

How Does E-Biking Compare to Running

Running is a kind of exercise that involves hopping from one foot to another while moving ahead. Whereas, e-biking is a kind of cycling where electric motors are deployed to give riders a certain boost when riding. However, it requires pedaling which is a human action to accelerate.

Also, biking is an activity that has a lower impact and is perfect for people with joint issues and inflammation. As a result, riders can gain the benefits of jogging while avoiding muscle injury and reducing inflammation. Ebikes can provide good workout and are considered a good option for people who have physical limitations such as high blood pressure, heart disease, age, weight, and arthritis.


Riding an e-bike is not only fun but it can be a good workout. Apart from that, they help you commute faster and with less effort. Besides, e-bikes boost your cardiovascular health while improving muscle tone and mental well-being. The best part is that you would want to ride more often because you will experience something different.

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