Shipping an electric bike entails more than simply placing it into a cardboard box and sending it on its way. Aside from the sheer size and weight of the bike, there is also the lithium-ion battery to think about. It comes equipped with a motor and all of its electrical components. This article will focus on the legislation affecting the delivery of your electric bike, as well as packaging advice and tips from Heybike shipping experts, in preparation for Christmas shipping deadlines.

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What to Know About Shipping an Ebike Battery

If you have ever wondered why it is so tough to ship ebike batteries, here's the lowdown on shipping ebike battery rules and why there are important measures to shipping and transportation of them.

It is necessary to know what a lithium-ion battery is. A lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that can hold a significant amount of energy. It is the engine of your electric bike and the driving force behind its increased momentum. Most Heybike lithium-ion batteries are all TUV-certified by the UL2849 standard and deliver ebikes with integrated batteries.

It could be dangerous if not utilized or managed appropriately because of the battery's ability to retain energy. As a result, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has put in place various precautions to ensure the safety of both passenger and cargo flights. If you intend to transfer or ship yours, ensure airlines accept lithium-ion batteries on board.

The IATA requires that all lithium-ion batteries be shipped at a state of charge (SoC) of no more than 30% of their rated capacity. Batteries with more than 30% SoC may be shipped only with the agreement of the State of Origin and the State of the Operator and only under the formal conditions specified by those authorities. Remember that disobey requirements can result in a $50,000 fine. That is why we want you to have all the relevant info and grasp the significance of these lithium-ion battery laws for safer practices.

Domestic Electric Bike Shipping

If you plan to ship your e-bike within the United States, here are some packing suggestions.

Packing Your Heybike Electric Bike Securely

Electric bicycles are not only heavier than ordinary bikes, but they also have many more components. You may wonder how to ship an electric bike. We have compiled a list of crucial factors to consider when packaging or shipping your Heybike electric bike:

Sturdy Cardboard Box

Purchase an electric bike-rated box. If possible, save the original package! It is advisable to take photos as you remove the contents can be beneficial if you need to repackage or send it.

Remove Loose Components

Make no room for error. Secure all moving parts. There should be no room for wiggling or loose components.

Protect the Battery

Because electric bike batteries are deemed hazardous, it is critical to remember to package them safely. During routine mail handling, the packing should be sturdy enough to prevent crushing or exposure to other content. One of the biggest hazards of transporting batteries is that they can short-circuit when the terminals come into contact with one other, metal items, or conductive surfaces.

Heybike sends ebikes with fixed batteries. Separate battery delivery increases in logistics eventually resulted in a rise in the price of e-bikes overall. It also helps save time and energy because ebike with lithium-ion batteries deliver at the same time.

Free Wheeling

To go freewheeling, take off the front wheel. Use a cardboard divider to avoid damaging the spokes or scratching the bike's paint.

Protect the Bike Frame

Cover the bike frame in bubble wrap or foam padding to protect the e-bike frame and components from scratches and impacts.

Packing Tape

Use packing tape or straps to seal the packaging and prevent movement or moving of the e-bike within.

Remove Handlebars

Remove the handlebars from the bike's frame to avoid them bending or breaking.

Protect the Paint

Put rubber coverings on axles or anything else to prevent metal from gouging or damaging the paint.

Battery Charger

Keep the battery charger safe from moving about. Freight handlers typically stack, throw, and drop boxes. More security prevents damage.

Clean and Dry the Bike

Ensure your Heybike e-bike is free from any dirt and completely dry before packing.

International Electric Bike Shipping

If you are visiting/moving to another country or donating your ebike to a friend or family member, international shipping may be more trouble than it is worth. Because each country has its regulations, it necessitates a great deal of paperwork and red tape.

To learn more, look into the electric bike regulations in the country you are going to. It also applies to Canadian buyers. Heybike sends ebikes directly to Canadian customers from a local warehouse.


The holidays are quickly approaching, and the Heybike delivery deadline is near! Make sure to place your orders as soon as possible to prevent the stress of last-minute shopping and the high amount of delivery delays! Contact our customer support if you have any questions regarding holiday logistic status.

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