Electric mountain bikes are designed for off-road use on specific trails. These bikes include all the components and technology of conventional mountain bikes, but they also have a motor and battery that help you navigate challenging steep terrain.

What Makes a Good Electric Mountain Bike

There are several fundamental considerations when looking for an electric bike because electric mountain bikes have a few crucial features. After all, you are not just shopping for an e-bike. A decent electric mountain bike requires a high suspension, a powerful engine, and a crazily strong yet lightweight frame to enable superior off-road performance, all of which tend to make them more expensive than your typical e-bike.

Buyer's Guide for Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bike Types

There are now more mountain bike disciplines covered than in the original generation of electric mountain bikes, which tended to be trail-oriented with about 150mm of travel. 

E-MTBs can be found with either 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheels, although "mullet builds" that have front wheel 29-inch and back wheel 27.5-inch are becoming more opular. With this configuration, the front wheel has strong stability, and the smaller rear wheel has better mobility.

There are trail-focused electric hardtail bikes, which are less common than full-suspension bikes but still available.

Electric Mountain Bike Motors

Bosch, Shimano Steps, and Yamaha are common options for e-MTB motors, although Fazua's lightweight motor is increasingly showing up on bikes with a focus on weight.

Bosch Performance Line CX motors offer 600Wh of peak power and 85Nm of torque for hassle-free climbing. Good energy management and a smooth ride give the system's battery an astonishing range.

Some eMTBs still use Shimano's Steps E-8000 and E-7000 system, even though it has begun to age and have less torque and power output than more modern competitors. Although it has a shorter range due to its smaller batteries, it still has a lightweight, compact design and an adjustable output.

But Shimano has expanded its selection by including the EP8 motor. It increases range, lowers Q-Factor, lowers pedaling drag, increases torque to 85Nm, and reduces weight by about 200g. Shimano's decision to increase the battery capacity to 630Wh coincided with the release of the EP8. It is becoming more and more common on more recent electric mountain bikes, including many of the top recommendations.

On their e-MTBs, Giant uses the Yamaha Syncdrive Pro motor. Its Smart Assist mode calculates how much power to send in each given condition using a collection of six sensors, including a gradient sensor.

The Fazua motor system, a well-liked option for road-going bikes, is included on some lighter-weight e-MTBs. It has a smaller battery and is lighter and less potent. Additionally, you may remove the battery and ride the bike without it.

Electric Mountain Bike Battery Capacity

Many electric mountain bikes feature batteries with capacities ranging from 500Wh to 700Wh, which are sufficient to get you up slopes, provide enough power, and offer enough range.

There are e-MTBs with external batteries, but internal batteries inside the down tube have cleaner lines. These often save weight and allow the battery to be positioned lower and more centrally in devices.

However, as was already indicated, e-MTBs with batteries with capacities as low as 250Wh are becoming more common. These give up a broader operating range for lower weight and better handling.

How to Ride An Electric Mountain Bike

Once you have located your trial, you will need to ride your pedal-assist dynamo slightly differently than a regular mountain bike. You can ride your favorite route twice rather than just once or can ride longer steeper paths. An e-MTB enables you to access trail networks that would otherwise be only accessible by ski lift or automobile.


An electric mountain bike is far more enjoyable to ride on the trails than one without. By eliminating the uphill strain, pedal assist enables you to devote all your energy and delight to navigating technical obstacles and admiring the trail's natural beauty. Powering up with one of the best electric mountain bikes is something you should think about, regardless of whether you are searching for a significant bike for extreme trail riding or want to flow over easy trails of gravel or mud.

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