As a woman, the process of purchasing an e-bike is a bit different to a man. You have to account for different body types, preferences, accessibility needs, and comfort levels. And you often have fewer options to choose from, as not every manufacturer offers e-bikes for women.

To help you choose the perfect women’s electric bike, this article will discuss the features to look for and the different models to consider based on your preferences.

A woman with her dog is riding Ranger S fat tire e-bike on the beach

E-Bike Features for Female Cyclists

You might think that all e-bikes are created equal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Manufacturers go to great lengths to create e-bikes that cater to the specific needs and preferences of female cyclists.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the key features to consider for your next e-bike:

Frame Structure

Typically, the frame structure on an e-bike for women is smaller than it is for men. This is because women are often smaller and shave shorter arms and legs than men, resulting in a more compact frame structure.

Additionally, e-bikes for women often have a step-through (also known as open frame) design.

A step-through frame can mean one of two things: either the e-bike has no crossbar at all, or the shape of the crossbar has been changed to point down diagonally. Some e-bikes with step-through frames still have a horizontal crossbar, but they are much lower and shorter in length than standard crossbars.

By either removing or modifying the crossbar, step-through frames make it easier for women to get on and off the e-bike seat, as they don’t have to raise their legs as high to wrap them around the frame structure. Step-through frames also make it easier for female cyclists to ride while wearing a dress.

Comfortable Saddle

Most e-bikes for women have saddles (seats) designed to support the unique geometric structure of the female anatomy. The key word here is “unique”, as every woman has different needs and preferences – especially when it comes to the saddle’s shape.

In most cases, saddles for female riders are wider, have softer cushioning, and have shorter noses than men’s saddles. These design choices often provide the most comfort for female riders, as they tend to sit closer toward the back than men do. They also typically have a cut-out in the front or middle to help prevent numbness and encourage blood flow while riding.

Durability and Weight

Regardless of your personal needs and preferences, any good e-bike should be durable enough to use on a variety of terrain and in different weather conditions. The only exception to this rule is heavy-duty off-road applications, which are best preserved for fat tire bikes as they are specially designed to help you maintain grip in tough conditions like dirt, mud, gravel, and sand.

What about weight? There are a variety of factors that influence the weight of an e-bike. The key contributing factors are the frame size and material, battery size, motor power, and additional accessories. For example, an e-bike with a 750w brushless motor and 24” x 4” tires is most likely going to be heavier than an e-bike with a 500w brushless motor and 20” x 4” tires.

Another important point about weight: consider your daily commute needs. For example, if part of your commute involves you carrying your e-bike up and down a flight of stairs or onto public transport, then a heavier e-bike will make that harder to do.

Adjustable Handlebars

Another point of difference between e-bikes for men and women is handlebars design. Generally, e-bikes for women have narrower handlebars, and the distance between the saddle and handlebars is shorter, too.

Why? Because more often than not, female riders have shorter arms and narrower shoulders than male riders. This design makes it easier for most women to reach and lean onto the handlebars comfortably. Additionally, the height of the handlebars can be adjusted as well, which helps put less strain on a female rider’s body.

Motor Power and Battery Life

This is probably the least noticeable difference between men’s and women’s electric bikes. For most women’s electric bikes, the average motor power is between 500w (peak 800w) and 750w (peak 1200w) and the average battery life is between 48V/14.4Ah (692Wh) and 48V/15Ah (720Wh). In terms of mileage, you can expect to ride between 55 to 65 miles on a single charge depending on your riding style.

Brakes and Gears

Again, the difference here between men’s and women’s e-bikes is minimal. Most e-bikes for women have either mechanical brakes or hydraulic disc brakes, along with a Shimano 7-speed or higher gear system. The right choice for you will depend on your budget and personal preferences.


Depending on the manufacturer, the average cost of a woman’s e-bike starts at around $999. This will typically get you a lightweight e-bike with a 500w brushless motor, 20” x 4” tires, Shimano 7-speed gear system, front and rear disc brakes, and a front fork suspension.

Best E-Bikes for Women of Different Levels

Now that you are familiar with the key features of a women’s electric bike, let’s take a look at a few recommended models based on age and experience level.


Whether you are learning to ride for the first time or returning after a long absence, look for an entry-level electric bike that will provide the comfort and support you need to master the basics. In terms of specs, you may want to start with a low-powered electric bike, ideally one that has an 800w peak motor and a top speed of 21 to 25 mph, as this will prevent you from going too fast.

Additionally, thin tires (20” x 2.5”) are easier to maneuver than larger ones, so keep that in mind as well.

Short Women

If height is a concern, consider an e-bike with a step-through frame, like the Ranger S ebike. Also known as an open frame, a step-through frame has a diagonal-facing crossbar as opposed to a horizontal crossbar. This creates a more distinctive gap between the handlebars and seat, making it easier for shorter riders to get on and off the bike. You may also want to invest in an e-bike with height-adjustable handlebars, so that you can maintain the most comfortable posture while you ride.

Middle-Aged Women

As a middle-aged woman, the right type of e-bike for you will depend on your experience and capabilities. If you are an experienced rider and want to embark on frequent off-road adventures, then consider a fat tire electric bike with a powerful motor and large battery capacity. However, if you are more of an entry-level rider, then choose an e-bike with an appropriately sized frame structure, a lower-powered motor, and a step-through frame for ease of access.

Senior Women

Elderly riders are more prone to cycling accidents than riders in other age groups. For this reason, it’s important that you choose an e-bike that matches your level of skill and capabilities. A step-through frame and height-adjustable handlebars are two great starting points, but you may also want to add a few accessories to your e-bike, such as a front or rear carry basket, mirrors, and a pet bike basket for your fluffy friend.

Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike for Women

For many women, bike riding is more than just a cost-effective way to travel but a way of life. Some take the opportunity to form a social group and ride with other like-minded people. While others start riding to enjoy the health benefits. Either way, there are many benefits to riding an electric bike for women. Here are a few of them.

Lowers Impact

Riding a traditional bike can often be physically demanding, especially on the legs and knees. But with an electric bike, you can take advantage of the throttle and pedal assist to do some of the work for you. This helps ease the physical strain on your body, enabling you to relax and enjoy the ride at a gentle pace.

Improves Mental Health

Research has linked physical exercise through bike riding can help improve one’s mental health and wellbeing. For some, even just the simple act of being outdoors and engaging in physical exercise is enough to brighten their mood. Also, if you have friends who enjoy riding as well, you can turn riding into a social activity on your daily commute or during the weekend.

Easier to Carry Cargo

If you often need to run errands and don’t have or need a car, then an electric bike is an excellent way to get around. Most female electric bikes have a fender and rear rack, which enables you to install a rear carry basket to store your belongings and other items like groceries.

More Comfortable Commuting Experience

For most people, but especially for women, the idea of going for a ride and arriving at your destination sweaty is undesirable. This is especially true if you plan to use your e-bike to ride to work or school.

For this reason, an electric bike is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a traditional bike, but with the assistance of an electric motor. Not only does an electric motor help ease physical strain, but it also keeps you more comfortable and less sweaty.

Fast Commuting and Travel

Electric bicycles for women are known for being fast, lightweight, and easy to use. With an average top speed of around 25 to 30 mph, an electric bike can help you reach your destination faster than a traditional bike. Plus, the electric motor helps you climb hills faster and more easily, meaning a less physically draining and more efficient ride.

Choose the Perfect Women’s E-Bike

Finding a lightweight electrical bike for women shouldn’t be difficult. At Heybike, we make the choice easy by providing a range of electric bicycles that are suitable for female riders.

Whether you desire a commuter, fat tire, or foldable e-bike, we guarantee you will find the perfect model to suit your needs. Browse our full range of electric bikes and find your ideal match today.

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