Heybike takes all customers' riding experience as the top priority. The Heybike App can take your enjoyment to the next level. In this blog post, we'll dive into the latest features of the Heybike App and explore how they can help you maximize your biking adventures.

The Heybike App is a powerful tool that puts the full capabilities of your Heybike ebike right at your fingertips. It offers a seamless and intuitive way to customize your ride, record your progress, and stay connected with the Heybike community. Let's take a closer look at what the app offers.

How Do I Download the Heybike App?

For Android and iOS cellphones, please search “Heybike App” in the corresponding app store in each system. You can directly download the app without any charge. Use your email address to create a new account. We suggest that the email should be the same as the one you registered in your order.

How Can I Customize My Riding Experience?

The Heybike App empowers you to fine-tune your e-bike's performance to perfection. From backlight setting to cycle record sharing, you can tailor your ride to specific needs and preferences.

Bike Settings

  1. LCD Backlight: It is set as
    “light” by default. You can change it to “dark” or
    “normal” in other settings.
  2. Personalization Setting: If you turn it on, all the bike settings in the app will overwrite those in the bike’s LCD display. Reboot the display and changes of settings will be effective. If you turn it off, all the bike settings in the display have higher priority, and can overwrite those set in the app.
  3. Trip Distance Resetting: Click to reset the bike’s miles information. Total riding time will be reset, but total miles (ODO) won’t.
  4. Factory Restoration Setting: This can only be done when your Heybike electric bike is linked to the app. After resetting, the LCD display and bike settings will be restored to the factory configuration.

Record and Share Your Trip

Trip distance, cycling time, and battery power are displayed in the Heybike App during riding. Cycling data will be generated after each trip. You can share your trip on Facebook and Twitter, or just download a picture of the trip. What’s more, on the record interface you can check your riding history, as well as tap to retrieve details of each journey.

Heybike apps feature with Record and Share Trip

In-app Ride Performance Tuning

The Heybike App also provides many other functions for riders to upgrade their riding experience. Let's focus on the adjustment of speed for a better ride performance.

  1. Speed Unit: In the speed setting, the
    speed unit is set to “mph” by default. You can change it to “km/h”.
  2. User Top Speed: Slide the bar to set the overall max speed of riding. Then whether you are using the throttle or PAS, the speed won’t exceed the set value.
  3. Throttle Speed Limiter: When this limiter is off, you can reach the top speed with pure throttle mode (not PAS mode). When this limiter is on, the pure throttle mode can only reach the top speed as PAS mode.
  4. PAS Level: There are 0-5 levels by default. The bike runs as a common bike without electric assistance when in PAS Level 0. As for choosing the specific PAS Level during riding, you can adjust the “+” and “-” buttons on the bike’s left handlebar.
  5. PAS Level Speed Limiter: You can set the corresponding max speed for each PAS Level, except Level 0. The speed of the highest level can not exceed the “User Top Speed”. The set speed of the lower level can not exceed the set speed of the higher level. Both throttle and PAS will be disabled in Level 0.
  6. PAS Sensitivity: There are 3 degrees of sensitivity from High(0) to Low(3). The high sensitivity means faster acceleration, while the low means slower.

Advanced App Features: 4G Plan

Among all Heybike electric bikes, currently only Tyson can support the advanced app features of 4G plan. Search for "4G" on Heybike official website and purchase the 4G data plan. After purchasing, you will get a redemption code. Please redeem it in the Heybike App at the personal center interface or home page (vehicle setting page). Six advanced features are listed as follows.

  1.  Live Tracking: When the bike is shut down, its movement trace will be generated and its position can be viewed on the map through “anti-theft track”. This feature helps to find your bike when it is shut down. If it is moved by a thief, you can see the bike’s location.
  2. Remote Control: The user can remotely turn on/off the bike through the app, without connecting to Bluetooth.
  3. Geo-fence: You can set the anti-theft fence range with this feature. For example, you can set the range to 10 meters when you park the bike. And you will receive a push notification on your phone if the bike is moved outside of the radius of 10 meters range from the parking point.
  4. Over-the-air-update: The display system will upgrade automatically with no need for Bluetooth connection and manual operation.
  5. Alarm & Notification: There are three types of alarm and notification -- ① alarm for bike passing out of the security fence; ② alarm for abnormal movement of the bike; ③ pop-up notification for detected errors of the bike.
  6. Bike Diagnosis: This feature can help identify errors of the bike, such as abnormal current, motor phase loss, and communication reception failure.


Heybike electric bikes are designed to give you much fun in riding. Getting familiar with the Heybike App is bound to bring you a more convenient and funner biking experience. Download the app now to have a try! You can always turn to our customer service team if you encounter any questions.

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