One of the premier direct-to-consumer e-bike companies, Heybike, the home of the long-distance E-bike, is delighted to announce our next product launching live on Heybike Facebook at 7 pm MST, November 2nd. Our product development teams have been working tirelessly to provide some exciting new features, enhanced capabilities. You can watch from home as we reveal the new e-bike on Facebook.

Heybike Electric Bike Launch - Livestream Announcement

This revolutionary all-terrain e-bike with unrivaled adaptability is built around a dual-purpose idea for commuting and off-road riding. 

We have given you a sneak peek at the new model and announced a few of the key features you can expect to see during our livestream. However, you can now join us on our Facebook channel to be among the first to discover all the details of this fascinating and fashionable new model. On November 2nd, we will unveil our premium all-terrain e-bike. This model is as distinct and powerful as you would expect from the Heybike team.

If you have been looking for a new or improved e-bike, this is the announcement you have been waiting for. With the holiday shopping season upon us, do not settle for mediocre products. Give yourself the gift of a brand-new improved technology e-bike. Exciting new features make riding more comfortable and safer new e-bike helps you effortlessly overcome various challenges and continuously push your limits. An e-bike not only keeps you active and able to enjoy the outdoors for years to come, but it is also good for the environment!

We believe that by participating in this streaming event, you can help in a new era of green electric transportation. We are excited to share the technical specifications and characteristics of the new long-range electric bike with you. Our newest e-bike will allow you to ride further and in greater comfort and style than the leading e-bike competition.

Join Heybike Fans Group! So mark your calendars for November 2nd because you don't want to miss out on this event. Livestream the revolution with Heybike on Facebook.


1. Where can I watch the live stream?

The livestream will be held at 7 pm MST on November 2nd on Facebook.

2. What will Heybike be announcing?

Details, names, Colors, and specifications of our all-new product lineup of limited color edition e-bikes!

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