You should know how to inflate tires if you enjoy riding fitness bikes and wish to conquer great distances and choose a bike to ride. A bike pump will also come in handy if you cannot locate a spot to fix it. It is, however, inconvenient as a result. As a result, it would be beneficial if you prepared a small bike pump to keep going.

Why Do I Need to Pump Up My Bike Tires

It is essential to pump up your bike because if you run your tires at the incorrect pressure, you might have more punctures in your bike tires. The air within tires serves as a spring. It provides you with suspension and allows the tire to adjust to the terrain. It improves traction and grip. Learn more about the bike tire psi here to make better preparation.

Why Are My Tires Flat

As a bike rider, you need to figure out the main reasons for your flattened tires. There are two main reasons why your tires are flat. 

  1. The first main reason is a puncture on your tire.
  2. The other reason is your tire has just deflated over time.

To fix the puncture quickly, you can use glueless patches. While, you can use a traditional puncture kit if you have extra time.

All tire tubes are not fully airtight which results in slow air leakage over time. Old tire tubes leak more air than new tubes. The valve may not be sealing properly, which is less frequent but possible on old tire tubes. 

Trying to pump up the tire is the best method to see the main problem. If it holds air, there is probably nothing else you can do. If it does not, you have probably got a puncture.

Detail Steps to Inflate Your Bicycle Tires

Do not worry if you want to know how to pump a bike tire. Here are some easy steps to inflate your bicycle tires. The procedure differs depending on the valve type.

Pump A Tire with Presta Valve

This style of valve, often known as the French valve, is utilized on racing bikes.

Step1: When you want to pump the tire, the first step is to remove the valve lid. Slowly remove the valve assembly and check to see whether the valve is steaming or if there is no air coming out of the valve body.

Step2: Determine the pressure index (Psi), which is the specified number. On the rim, they are labeled.

Step3: Select the appropriate pump with a valve. You will need to use a gas pump or a specialized pump. In addition, antique bicycle pumps will fit this valve.

Step4: Remove the copper lid on the valve head to perform a bike pump. Now place the pump nozzle on the valve. Then turn the lever and cover the valve head to its original position to inflate the tire properly.

Pump A Tire with A Schrader Valve

The Schrader valve is designed to be longer and thinner. The valve body is covered by a valve lid, not a core. To deflate a valve with a cylinder enclosed by a threaded valve core, a tool or small object such as the tip of a pen cap must be used to press the valve head. Remove the rubber cap at the top of the Schrader valve to open it.

Step1: You must first determine the tire's specified pressure. You can see it on the side of the tire. When inflating the tires, keep in mind that the pressure should not be lower or higher than the stipulated value. If this is the case, it can damage your tubes and tires.

Step2: Select the appropriate Schrader valve head pump. You can use a pump or a pump machine. Finding the correct pump for this kind of valve, which you can find in bike tires, should be simple. However, do not use little bike pumps or when the pressure is insufficient for the tires.

Step3: Pump air into the tire with the pump. Remove the rubber cap on the top of the valve. After pumping, secure the knob between the valve and the pump head by using the lever on the top of the pump nozzle to locate them. Pull the lever back and close the gap on the valve head after inflating the tire until you see that inflated enough and not too hard.


When purchasing a bike pump, you must consider the criteria, information about your bike, and the pump you wish to buy and select a perfect pump for your bike. 

All you need is a basic grasp of tire valves, how to use a bike pump, and what is the suggested tire pressure. You do not need any special skills to pump your bicycle tires.

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