Heybike debuts the limited color edition e-bike model – Horizon – which stands out, particularly in terms of safety and comfort in mind. Our designer built a stunning frame that symbolizes limitless potential and innovative spirit. It is inspired by the spectacular scene of Foreshore Sunset: The sun sinking into the clouds, then off to the horizon. From its step-through design that facilitates mounting and dismounting to its powerful motor and hydraulic disc brakes, safety is a top priority. Not to mention its Comfort & Safety Parts, which include a road-smoothing horst link suspension and fat and sturdy tires for optimal road safety and security. If safety is important to you, then the Horizon is a perfect choice. From high-quality batteries to integrated turn signal functions, these bikes will surely provide buyers peace of mind.

Heybike Horizon Folding Fat Tire Ebike

What's New with the Horizon?

Powerful Hub Motor

The powerful 750W brushless hub motor in the rear gives you the power to conquer steep hills and rough terrain. You can get where you need to go quickly with 1400W peak power. A 1400W of peak motor power will lead you to conquer the roughest venture. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for daily commuting and off-road adventures.

Full Suspension

Horizon frame and suspension system

The Horizon uses a strong high-end horst link and hydraulic front fork suspension to absorb any bumps on the trail. Its Horst-link layout has a lower anti-rise that improves traction and braking, allowing the suspension to absorb bumps more freely and reduce tiredness.

Foldable Design

The Horizon has a portable step-through frame that allows for easy loading and unloading. It can fit where most e-bikes cannot and can be taken wherever you want to go.


Heybike claims that the 54.6V/4-amp-hour charger will charge a battery from empty in only 3-4 hours. A single charge can get you up to 30 miles on pure electric power and 55 miles or more with pedal help. After 600 charges, the battery will retain no less than 80% of its capacity.

Frame Colors

Close-up shot of the Horizon ebike's frame color

Our customers can get this limited edition electric bike to have a unique identity through custom plaques showcasing the e-bike’s special serial number in a mesmerizing color. This electric bike is unique in its design. Heybike's limited edition sunset color represents confidence, strength, optimism, and a new beginning. Soothing West Coast hues are the perfect choice for a snug ride.

Horizon Tech Specs

Integrated Components

The integrated components of the Horizon are an essential part of the Heybike experience. In classic Horizon fashion, it has everything you need to optimize your riding style.


The sleek, fully integrated 692Wh battery fits snuggly into the bike's frame, ensuring its security and protection from water or dirt while riding on and off the road. You can check the battery level of your e-bike on your mobile phone from the Heybike App.

Integrated Lights

The front headlight and integrated rear lights of the Horizon provide peace of mind. You can ride safely with auto-on feature headlights and taillights featuring brake lights. You can activate the lights with the handlebar power controller or the Heybike mobile app. Front lights provide a bright and clear beam to light your way, even in low-light conditions. When riding at night, rear lights can keep the bike safe and prevent rear-end incidents.

LCD Display

Heybike LCD Display is an intuitive technology that shows all of your vital facts right at your handlebars, including speed, battery life, distance traveled, and PAS level.

Turn Signal Functionality

The Horizon has front and rear lights turn signal functionality. Flashing indicators break up the monotony of driving for vehicles and other cyclists by signaling the direction you are headed, keeping you safe as you ride. You can maintain visibility by commanding traffic while on the move!

Power Modes

The Horizon is a Class II electric bike, which means it has a throttle and pedal assist and can attain a top speed of 20 MPH. Horizon may also be converted into a Class III electric bike by using the Heybike App, allowing it to reach a top speed of 28 MPH on pedal assist. Also, with the addition of pure electric mode can travel up to 30 miles! That means you will have more chances to ride farther and let your inner explorer explore the furthest boundaries of its wanderlust.

Rear Rack and Fenders

With the addition of a rear rack and fenders, the Horizon is a compactable utility electric bike ready to go wherever you want to take it. With a weight limit of 120 lbs on the rear rack and a maximum load of 330 LBs, you can load pannier bags, a cooler, or fishing gear and see where the day takes you. Fenders provide additional protection from road debris, dirt, and puddle spray while you go about your day.

New Horizon, Same Great Features

While the Horizon has new features and technology, do not forget about the mainstays that have helped make this e-bike what it is:

24" x 4" Fat Tires

When rolling over rough terrain, the 24" x 4" fat tires provide stability and confidence. Take to the streets or the less trafficked road. Where your comfort zone ends, the adventure begins.

Hydraulic Disc Brake

The improved hydraulic disc brakes provide more safety and smoother stopping power on uphill, downhill, and flat roads, enhancing your safety and comfort.

Who's Horizon Designed For?

Horizon can go wherever you choose, whether it is in the snow, mud, sand, pavement, or parks. It is a practical, versatile, adventurous, and exciting form of transportation for riders of all ages, genders, and body types. This fat tire folding e-bike has the advantage of functioning well off the road. It is perfect for the riders of 5'5 to 6'3 (165cm ~ 190cm) height. Its step-through frame improves balance and control on any surface, making this bike excellent for riders looking for more comfort and adaptability.

Meet the Horizon

Heybike Horizon is the first e-bike on the Heybike models with horst link suspension technology, complemented by 24"x 4" fat tires, which specialize in absorbing both rear-upward force and vibrations, allowing you to ride safely over rutted trails, deep snow, and soft sand without taxing the rider. It also has front hydraulic disc brakes that provide more controlled braking power.

Make more place for what counts with the Horizon, a compact and dependable folding electric bike. It fits almost any lifestyle, thanks to its fat tires, folding frame, turn signals, and attractive hues. Ride it like an electric dirt bike on the road or dirt trails and change the way you view the world in whatever lane you choose.


1. How many limited-edition Horizons are there?

Heybike intention in manufacturing limited-edition models is to give e-bike users an identity through custom plaques showcasing your e-bike's unique serial number up to 500 units.

2. What sets Horizon electric bike apart from the competition?

Heybike Horizon is the finest value for money fat tire electric bike with a long range. Heybike e-bikes provide bikers throughout the world with the best outdoor cycling experience possible. It includes a brand-new 54.6V/ 4A lithium-ion battery to provide exceptional performance and a long lifespan. The Horizon e-bike has 24-inch fat tires and a 750W brushless hub motor (peak to 1400W) that delivers faster speed with horst link suspension to immerse bumps more efficiently.

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