How Does Electric Bikes Define in Michigan?

According to e-bike laws Michigan, an electric bike is any bike that has the following features:

  • Stool or saddle
  • Pedals with full functionality for human propulsion
  • An electric motor with a maximum power of 750 watts.
Additionally, as long as they adhere to specific requirements, electric bikes are regarded by U.S. Federal law as being in the same category as conventional bikes:
  • 20 mph is the maximum speed when using motor power alone.
  • Motor power is limited to 750 watts.

New electric bike laws in Michigan have particular sections of the Michigan Motor Code and became effective on January 28. This act made Michigan one of 26 states with a three-tiered e-bike categorization system.

ebike laws in Michigan

The three groups are as follows:

  • Class 1 – The motor only helps the rider when pedaling and stops aiding once the bike hits 20 mph.
  • Class 2 – The motor can move the bike forward without human power, although it cannot assist at speeds higher than 20 mph.
  • Class 3 – The engine stops working when the bike reaches 28 mph and only offers help while the rider (14 years or older) is pedaling. A speedometer is also included on a Class 3 e-bike.

No specific registration, licensing, or insurance is required for riders to use an e-bike in any of the three categories. But, to ride a Class 3 e-bike, you must be 14 or older. Also, after purchasing bikes, owners are not permitted to change the classification label.

Legal Places to Ride an E-bike in Michigan

Electric bike riders must understand the regulations governing where these electric motorized bikes want to ride. Most frequently, we discover the areas in which they can be operated by the class type mentioned above. The various classes of electric bikes are allowed to be used in specific locations according to Michigan e-bike rules.

You can use all three types of e-bikes on any street that allows regular bicycles, even those with designated bike lanes. Moreover, you can only use Class 2 and 3 e-bikes on trails with permission from the local authority controlling them.

Moreover, you can use Class 1 e-bikes on a linear track having asphalt, crushed limestone, or equivalent surface riders. Municipalities may, however, forbid or restrict e-bikes on particular trails.

Last but not least, the law forbids all three types of e-bikes on non-motorized paths. It also applies to mountain biking-specific trails.

Unless with a permit from the Mackinac Island State Park Commission, e-bikes are likewise not allowed on Mackinac Island. However, people with disabilities who use an e-bike as a mobility aid are allowed to travel on highways and trails where e-bikes are not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riding E- bikes in Michigan

Do you need a license to ride bikes in Michigan?

No, a rider or operator license is not required to ride an electric bike in Michigan. In addition, unlike a moped or motorcycle, a bike does not require registration or a license plate. Nonetheless, using an electric bike is subject to the same traffic laws as riding a standard bike.

Are there any age restrictions to riding bikes in Michigan?

You are allowed to ride an e-bike if you are 14 or older and are aware of the regulations that control its use.

Should I wear a helmet to ride bikes in Michigan?

Under-18 riders and anyone operating or riding a Class 3 e-bike in Michigan are required to wear helmets.

While wearing a helmet is not legally compulsory for other e-bike riders, it is advised. In the event of an accident, you are less likely to suffer a severe injury if you are wearing a helmet.

Does the new Michigan electric bicycle law apply to a federal congressionally authorized public trail?

If permitted by the local government or state agency in charge of the trail, a person may ride a class 2 or class 3 electric bike on a rail trail or a linear path with asphalt, crushed limestone, or a comparable surface.


You should be aware that your choice of riding site may be influenced by the class of e-bike you ride now that Michigan state e-bike owners have clarification on e-bike legislation. Your preferred bike route might be prohibited. When making a buying decision for an e-bike, think about where and how you plan to ride.

A Class 1 or Class 2 e-bike will provide you the freedom to ride on both bicycle routes and public roads. A Class 3 e-bike might be the ideal option if you want to increase the number of miles you travel on roads and highways or if you want to commute to work, but be aware that you might not be allowed to use that new e-bike on your neighborhood bike path.

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