Mother’s Day Gifts: Best Electric Bikes for Moms

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. So, what better way to spoil mom than with the gift of fun, fitness, and versatility? Well, you’re in luck. Electric bikes tick all the right boxes – and more. These days, e-bikes come in various designs and configurations, making it easy to choose one that suits your mom’s unique needs.

Find out why an e-bike is a perfect gift idea for mom, and we recommend models to help you make an informed choice.

3 Best Electric Bikes for Moms

To help you choose the best electric bike for moms, let us help. Below is a detailed breakdown of three Heybike models: the Horizon, Ranger S, and Cityrun. By learning about their unique advantages and use cases, you’ll have an easier time choosing a suitable ebike for a great Mother’s Day gift. You’ll also learn about mom-friendly e-bikes, features moms will love.

1. Horizon: Best Full-Suspension Ebike - $1,499 ($500 OFF)

a womam is riding horizon ebike on the road

A great all-rounder, the Horizon is suitable for urban commuting and off-roading, with a step-through frame for easy mounting. The 692Wh battery can travel 55 miles on a single charge, while the 750w brushless motor can reach 28mph. For maximum comfort and stability, the 24x4” tires and full-suspension system offer superior impact absorption. This way, mom can ride safely and confidently.

As a bonus, you’ll receive free accessories like front and rear basket. With these goodies, mom can transport valuable goods like groceries without needing a separate backpack.

2. Ranger S: Best Folding Step-thru Ebike - $1,299 ($200 OFF)

A mom is riding a Heybike Ranger S e-bike with her child

Need a performance boost? For a great gift idea, look no further than the Ranger S. Featuring a 750w brushless motor (1,400w peak), this pocket rocket can reach 32mph, making steep hills and strong winds a problem of the past. Additionally, the Ranger S can be folded in half, ideal for storing in cramped spaces and carrying up or down stairs. Like the Horizon, you get a free front and rear basket, enhanced by the 400lbs carry capacity.

3. Cityrun: Best Commuting Ebike - $1,099 ($500 OFF)

a woman is riding cityrun ebike on the road

For a pleasant, gentle urban commuter, consider the Cityrun. The 500w brushless motor (peak 1000w) can reach 21mph, complying with most local e-bike regulations. Meanwhile, the step-through frame offers easy mounting, and the 26x2.5” tires are versatile enough to handle off-roading.

If mom wants to reduce her car dependence, the Cityrun is a greener, more sustainable way to get around. Plus, the free front and rear basket allows her to transport groceries and other personal goods.

Why an E-Bike is a Perfect Gift Idea for Mom

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, an electric bike cannot be beat. Equipped with an electric motor and high-capacity battery, the electrical assistance allows riders to travel further and is less physically demanding than a non-electric bike. This versatility makes electric bikes more accessible, enabling riders – including moms – of almost any fitness level to enjoy the health and convenience benefits

Improve Physical and Health Benefits

While e-cycling is less intensive than conventional cycling, it is still within the desired intensity range, offering numerous health and risk mitigation benefits. E-cycling (particularly in non-active individuals) can help improve cardiorespiratory fitness, reduce the risk of diabetes diagnosis, and lower Body Mass Index (BMI) values, according to research.

Also, people cycle more often and longer with an e-bike, reaching the recommended 150-minute per week of moderate physical activity easily. Furthermore, e-cycling can help reduce car dependence, reducing one’s global carbon footprint.

Help Prevent Disease

One-third of the global adult population aged 15 years and over do not engage in enough physical activity. Only an estimated 20.9% of adults in the United States fulfill their minimum weekly activity requirements. While the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are not fully known, studies show it can increase the risk of weight gain, reduce cardiac output and systematic blood flow, and elevate chronic inflammation – increasing the risk factors for cancer.

As mentioned previously, e-cycling offers numerous health benefits. Regarding disease prevention, evidence suggests physical activity, such as e-cycling, can promote positive health effects. Specifically, it may help reduce the risk or delay the onset of lifestyle-induced diseases, such as stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Of course, these outcomes coincide with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Easy Commuting

Unlike conventional cycling, people with electric bikes ride more often and for longer. Every electric bike has a pedal assist mode, which activates the motor automatically to assist the rider while pedaling. Also, some electric bikes have a throttle, which powers the motor without pedaling.

Whether mom is a beginner or experienced rider, it does not matter. Using electrical assistance, she can climb steep hills, navigate challenging terrain, and maintain speed on flat surfaces. Plus, she can adjust the level of electrical assistance to suit her needs, more for an easier ride, and less to conserve battery and enjoy a better workout.

Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day, Save Up to 700$

An electric bike is a great gift idea for mom. Not only does it help promote health and fitness but also reduces car dependence. Also, e-cycling is more accessible than conventional cycling, increasing the odds of mom using her new set of wheels. Furthermore, there are plenty of designs and configurations, so you’re bound to find a perfect match.

Ready to kickstart your mom’s e-cycling adventure? Explore the electric bike range at Heybike. Right now, we have great savings on our most popular models. Shop around and you could save up to $700 on your next purchase. Plus, you receive free accessories like a front and rear basket. But be quick!

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