How Does Electric Bikes Define in Ohio?

Like many states in the United States of America, Ohio has a specific definition of what constitutes an electric bike. Electric bikes should not produce more power than 745 Watts, according to the Ohio state definition of an e-bike. They often reach a top speed of 20 mph. Also, they must have completely functional pedals.

The bike industry has created three categories for them to explain and clarify the capabilities of e-bikes and help the adoption of suitable laws holding the design and use. Local government, in Ohio, similarly adopted these groupings.
The three categories of low-speed electric bikes in Ohio are as follow:

Class 1

These are electric bikes with pedal assistance for low speeds. The only way the bikes will move is if you peddle. They have an electric motor that helps the rider pedal.

When the bike reaches 20 mph, the motor ceases to assist. Class 1 e-bikes are subject to a few rules. The bikes are legal on any paved areas that accept regular bikes.

Class 2

These electric bikes have a throttle but operate at low speeds. The bikes have motors that allow the rider to move forward without pedaling. This e-bike may be started and ridden without using the pedals.

As the speed hits 20 mph, the motor can no longer assist, just like class 1 bikes. Moreover, class 2 bikes are subject to fewer limitations. Many bikes in this category are allowed on paved surfaces where standard bikes are permitted.

Class 3

Class 3 e-bikes, in the industry, are described as bikes with a motor. The engine assists you while you ride, making it effortless. But as the speed reaches 28 mph, the assistance is cut off and is not recognized or allowed to be used. In Ohio, the maximum speed limit is 25 MPH.

The classification of your e-bike will determine what gear is needed, who may operate it, and where you can ride it under the new Ohio law.

ebike laws in ohio

Where Can You Ride An Electric Bike in Ohio?

In Ohio, if you adhere to all traffic laws, you are allowed to use your e-bike on any street, road, or highway. But, e-bikes are not allowed on limited-access lanes or motorways. Which of Ohio's wide network of shared-use and bike-only paths you can use depends on the classification of your e-bike.

Electric bikes in classes 1 and 2 are allowed in shared-use and bike-only paths. The new law prohibits Class 3 e-bikes, which are quicker, on any shared-use or bike-only trails unless those routes are on, near, or inside a highway. E-bike rules in Ohio give local governments the authority to approve Class 3 e-bikes on shared-use and bike-only lanes that are far from highways.
E-bikes of any class are not allowed on any trail or natural path traditionally reserved for nonmotorized use or designated trail for mountain biking, hiking, or other similar purposes.

In Ohio, an e-bike must have the power turned off before being used on a sidewalk. Electric bikes are classified as motorized vehicles under federal law and allowed on public roads and trails in the National Forest System that are open to all vehicles, according to U.S. Forest Service. The National Forest System's trails are permitted to motorcyclists exclusively, to all bikes with a wheelbase of 50 inches or less, or to e-bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riding E-bikes in Ohio

Do you need a license to ride bikes in Ohio?

The registration, licensing, and insurance procedures that apply to motor vehicles do not apply to e-bikes.

Is there any age restriction for riding bikes in Ohio?

In Ohio, You are allowed to ride a Class 1 or 2 e-be-bikes you can ride a bike and are aware of the regulations that control its use. Class 3 e-bike riders age should be at least 16 because they have a high speed of 25 mph.

Should I wear a helmet to ride bikes in Ohio?

Helmets are a requirement for class 3 e-bike riders and passengers. Although it's not required if you are over 14, wearing a helmet is still a wise safety precaution to remember. Moreover, helmets are required for all class 3 bike riders and passengers.


Now that e-bike owners have more information about e-bike laws in Ohio. You should be aware that the class of e-bike you ride influences the riding location. It may be illegal riding your favorite route on a bike.

Riders and sellers should both be aware of the e-bikes laws in Ohio. These rules provide clarity for anyone wishing to buy an electric bike while ensuring rider safety. Retailers should be knowledgeable about these guidelines to respond to inquiries from potential customers. To ride their electric bikes safely and within the law, riders need to take the time to read the laws.

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