E-bikes can be an excellent alternative for those with arthritic knees because they can make riding less complicated and uncomfortable. The electric assist feature can make for a smoother and more comfortable ride by reducing knee stress.

Is Cycling Good for Arthritic Knees?

Cycling helps strengthen the glutes and quadriceps, making it one of the finest exercises for patients with knee arthritis. It is also typically one of the most comfortable exercises for many people to keep up with. The compression strain on your knees is far less when you cycle than when walking. People typically perceive cycling to be more comfortable.

Low-Impact Exercise

E-biking is a low-impact workout that can enhance flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health. People with arthritis who might find it challenging to perform high-impact exercises can benefit from this.

Joint Movement and Lubrication

Your joints become more lubricated as you pedal a bike, which lessens discomfort and stiffness.

best bike for arthritic knees

What Is the Best Bike for Arthritic Knees?

Electric bikes are especially beneficial for persons who suffer from joint pain as a result of weak knees. It is due to the pedal assist system (PAS) that e-bikes have.

The e-bike motor assists in propulsion when the pedal assist is engaged. You do not have to pedal as hard, which relieves strain on your knees.

The motor is also quite useful in case something goes wrong, depending on your knee condition. What will you do if your bad knees flare up in the middle of a ride? Bad knees can be unpredictable.

You are probably in the clear if you are riding an electric bike! You will arrive home safely. Even if the situation does not get so terrible that you stop riding, the pedal assist will take care of the horsepower, allowing you to travel without pedaling.

Another practical feature of e-bikes that can be beneficial if you have poor knees is a walk assist. The motor softly propels the bike ahead while you walk beside it while the e-bike is in walk mode. Pushing the bike lessens the strain.

The e-bike motor can contribute to more comfortable cycling in general. It improves the chance that you will feel inspired to ride your bike in the first place. After all, buying an e-bike is only worthwhile if you use it.

How to Choose an Electric Bike for Arthritic Knees

Riding an electric bike in its complete range of motion is the finest approach to exercising your legs and other leg muscles. Before riding, your bike needs to be fitted properly. A nearby shop must properly fit your bike. Additionally, you can get advice from a specialist based on your condition.

Bike Size

Consider bikes with adjustable frames for riders of varying heights. It will be simpler to mount and dismount a sized bike with the saddle at a comfortable height. Additionally, it can support good riding posture, which will help you prevent problems like knee pain.

Motor Power

Another item to think about is motor power. Always attempt to choose an electric bike with a strong and fast motor. From 250 to 800 watts, you can select the one you want. You gain strength when riding an electric bike which depends on the motor power. Select a bike with a minimum 250w motor to achieve the best efficiency.

Accessible Riding Modes

It is not necessary to mention how significant accessible riding modes are for an e-bike when the user has bad knees or arthritis. Recumbent bikes are very different from electric bikes with movable riding modes.

Ensure the electric bike you select has at least three riding modes, including pedal-assist, regular, and electric. Additionally, check that the pedal-assisted mode is operating properly because it will help you overcome bad knees.

Long Battery Life

Checking the battery life is equally important, the main source of energy for your bike. Consider buying an electric bike with a removable battery with a minimum 36v 8ah capacity and is simple to recharge. In addition, confirm that fully charging your e-bike's battery takes 4 to 6 hours.


If you have bad knees, you need to think about the bike's design. Make sure the bike you plan to own is simple to ride before you buy. Because of this, you should never choose the option with the highest height. You may easily adjust the bike's seat without dealing with any bother.

Final Thoughts

Is cycling good for arthritis?

Yes, regular exercise will progressively ease your problem if you have arthritis or knee pain. It all came down to whether you could ride an electric bike despite having arthritis or damaged knees. You can use an electric bike in that situation as it is one of the safest exercises.

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