How Does Electric Bikes Define in Virginia?

In Virginia, electric bikes are defined as pedals that allow for human propulsion, and an electric motor with a maximum 750 watts are all necessary for an electric power-assisted bike to travel on no more than three wheels in touch with the ground.

Operators must be at least 14 years old or under adult supervision (defined as someone over 18). An electric power-assisted bike is considered a vehicle if used on a highway. According to some localities, every rider in Virginia who is fourteen years old or under must wear a protective helmet. Regardless of age, all riders of class 3 electric power-assisted bikes are required to wear helmets.
The bike industry has created three categories for them to explain and clarify the capabilities of e-bikes and help the adoption of appropriate legislation and regulations regulating their design and use.

Class 1

E-bikes are divided into three categories, with class one being the most basic. These are electric bikes with pedal assistance for low speeds. The only way the bikes will move is if you peddle. They have an electric motor that helps the rider pedal.

When the bike reaches 20 mph, the motor ceases to assist. Class 1 e-bikes are subject to a few rules. The bikes are legal on any paved areas that accept regular bikes.

Class 2

These electric bikes have a throttle but operate at low speeds. The bikes have motors that allow the rider to move forward without pedaling. This e-bike may be started and ridden without using the pedals.

As the speed hits 20 mph, the motor can no longer assist, just like class 1 bikes. Moreover, class 2 bikes are subject to fewer limitations. Many bikes in this category are allowed on paved surfaces where standard bikes are permitted.

Class 3

The class 3 electric speed pedal-assisted bikes are the last type. The bikes have strong motors that assist the user while they peddle. Bikes are permitted to go at a higher of 28mph speed.

Virginia E-bike Laws for Trails?

Electric bikes are allowed on all roads with a specified speed restriction of less than 25 mph when yielding to pedestrian traffic. They are also allowed on bike paths. On all shared-use paths owned by VDOT, all three categories of electric power-assisted bikes are allowed. There can be additional restrictions in other electric bike laws in Virginia.

On any trail and natural surface path that has traditionally been earmarked for non-motorized usage, as well as any trails for mountain biking, hiking, or different purposes, e-bikes of any kind are not allowed. Nonetheless, using an electric bike is subject to the same traffic laws as riding a standard bike. You must follow all regulations, including governing rights of way, traffic signals, stop signs, and speed restrictions.

Although this definition may change, NOVA Parks presently refers to e-bikes as "electric power-assisted bikes" with a top speed of 20 mph (classes 1 and 2 e-bikes). The rules and regulations of NOVA Parks were established under the previous legislation, and class 3 e-bikes are now allowed on NOVA Park routes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riding E-bikes in Virginia

Do you need a license to ride bikes in Virginia?

No. In Virginia, a license is not required to ride an electric bike. Using an electric bike is legal without a license or other specific registration. It does not, however, imply that you disregard traffic laws. All riders must follow the set-out traffic laws while on the road. In addition, unlike a moped or motorcycle, a bike does not require registration or a license plate.

Are the there any age restrictions to riding bikes in Virginia?

For classes 1 and 2, there are no age restrictions in Virginia, but Class 3 electric bike riders must be at least 14 years old.

Should I wear a helmet to ride bikes in Virginia?

If you are 17 or younger, you must wear a helmet while operating or riding an electric bike in Virginia. With a conventional bike, Class 1 or 2 e-Bike, you do not need to wear a helmet if you are 18 or older. But, when operating a Class 3 bike, moped, or e-Bike, you must always wear a helmet.

Can I modify my electric bike in Virginia?

No one can tamper with or modify an electric power-assisted bike to alter its motor-powered speed capabilities or engagement by e-bike was in Virginia.


According to the legislation governing electric bikes in Virginia, you should use caution when riding near pedestrians and in areas frequented by non-motorized vehicles. Therefore, we advise that you abide by the previous instructions and contact your neighborhood authorities if you have any questions. Yes, laws do evolve throughout time.

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