Why Mars 2.0?

Upgraded from the Mars ebike, Mars 2.0 is for more thrilling exploration. With a powerful 750W rear hub motor (peak 1400W), max speed of 28 mph, and compact foldability, Mars 2.0 is your gateway to effortless adventures. Discover limitless cycling possibilities and embrace exciting journey like never before!

Rider Review

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An Updated Budget Friendly Ebike That Goes 28 MPH

Freshly Charged

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Checking out the Heybike Mars 2.0 Day + Night Footage


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Affordable Folding E-Bike for Off Grid Life

Element Life

Compact Folding Design

With just 4 simple steps, Mars 2.0 can be folded up within 15 seconds, making it incredibly easy to store or take with you for traveling.

Easy Storage and Transport
Convenient for Outdoor Riding

Rear Rack & Pegboard

The rear rack can load up to 120 lbs. With pedboards on both sides, you can easily attach various things like water bottle, bike lock and so on.

DIY to Enlarge Space
Carry More Gadgets

Discover Mars 2.0

Front Suspension

The enhanced front suspension effortlessly absorbs every bump, ensuring a stable and exhilarating ride on any terrain.

20"x4" Fat Tires

Two fat tires provide unparalleled traction. Say goodbye to skidding and slipping; Embrace a smooth and comfortable journey.

Go Further Effortlessly

With one full charge for its 600Wh battery, Mars 2.0 can run up to 45 miles.

330 lbs Payload Capacity

With large payload capacity, Mars 2.0 can easily carry heavy riders or cargos.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Shift System

Mars 2.0 features a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system, offering versatile and precise gear shifting for a smooth and efficient ride. Find the speed that matches your journey!

App Connection

Connect your bike with the Heybike smart app for convenient control of the bike. The App also provides more personalized bike’s settings.



Aluminum Alloy;
removable lithium-ion battery;
rear rack and fenders included;
kickstand mount;
mechanical brakes (Hydraulic Brakes for 1000W version)


Spring Fork, 65 mm travel with preload adjustment and lock-out

Hub rear

Brushless geared hub motor, 80Nm, 750W/1400W Peak Motor


Aluminum alloy


Puncture protection, 20"x4.0"-max tire size without fenders

E-system & Drivetrain

600Wh, external removable lithium-ion battery


2A, 54.6V output, 100V-220V AC input

Display Type

LED Display

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 7 speed


LED, headlight and taillight



Weight & Dimensions

34 kg / 75 lbs

Weight limit

Maximum total weight limit (combined weight of rider and cargo): 330 pounds (149.7 kg)

Folded Dimensions

37.4*21.7*27.95 inch

Unfolded Dimensions

67*25*49 inch

What's In The Box

  • Mars 2.0

  • Charger

  • User Manual

  • Toolkit Box

  • Keys

FAQs - Mars 2.0

Compared to 750W, what is the advantage of Mars 2.0 with a 1000W motor?

The 1000W rear hub motor generates more power output than 750W, and it brings the following advantages: greater speed, improved performance on inclines, enhanced load capacity, quicker acceleration and better responsiveness. You can climb hills more easily and maintain speed on challenging surfaces. Besides, the 1000W Mars 2.0 is equipped with advanced hydraulic disc brakes to provide reliable braking power for enhanced safety and control during your rides.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike fully?

It takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge the Mars 2.0 e-bike with the 2A charger included in the package.

How to buy an Extend warranty for my e-bike?

For orders on Heybike official website, you can extend the bike warranty at the same time you place an order or within 30 days of purchase. Please note that different plans of extended warranty need corresponding payment. You can also contact our customer service team for more details.

Can I charge my smartphone on the bike?

There is a USB charging port on the battery of Mars 2.0. You can use it to charge your cellphone or other device.

Does my height/weight suit Mars 2.0?

The recommended rider height for Mars 2.0 is 5'3" ~ 6'1"; The total payload capacity of Mars 2.0 is 330 lbs (not including the bike weight).

How to adjust each PAS level speed on the ebike?

① You can adjust the PAS speed with Mars 2.0 display. ② Mars 2.0 supports App control. You can adjust the PAS level speed in the App. Find the setting button in the App and choose "personalize". Then you will find the speed settings.

How to reset the display screen?

① You can directly reset the screen on Mars 2.0 display. ② Mars 2.0 supports App control. You can reset the display screen in the App. Find the setting button in the App and choose "personalize". Then in the other settings, you will find backlight setting, personalization setting, trip distance resetting, and factory restoration setting.

Is my Mars 2.0 pre-assembled?

The Mars 2.0 is partially assembled. All you need to do is some simple assembly of the front wheel, front fender, handlebars, pedals, and other parts according to the instructions. You can download the Mars 2.0 user manual or look at the assembly video for help.

What is included in the Mars 2.0 package?

Mars 2.0 comes equipped with a kickstand, a rear rack, and a fender. And there are screws to install the rack and fender. They are all included in the bike package and sent together.

Can I transport Mars 2.0 in a car trunk?

Mars 2.0 can be folded and stored in a car trunk. Its folded dimensions are 37.4*21.7*27.95 inch, and its unfolded dimensions are 67*25*49 inch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stacey Putt

My husband and I purchased the mars 2.0. We have only been able to ride them twice so far due to the weather but are really looking forward to summer time and camping with them. So far we are absolutely in love with them

Mars Combo bike review

Excellent bike so far. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the brake system. Overall fair brakes but the hydraulic would likely stop it more quickly. Otherwise very happy so far.

Mike Giambruno
Joy riding

We went on a 15 mile initial joy ride. Up and down hills and long straight aways.
Just to get accustomed to the bikes.
Everything worked out well. Near the end of the ride, My rear wheel started making a rubbing sound. Maybe I braked too hard and the brake is not releasing completely. Maybe something else. I’ll investigate soon.