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Looks great

Got my bike on a Tuesday & put out together on Thursday being my day off. We had a snow storm on Sat so haven't had a chance to even ride it yet but a little disappointed by what I read in the manual, it's supposed to be a commuter bike but recommended not getting the bike wet. So using it only on nice days & fearful getting caught in the rain when riding it for recreation. Guess I have to have zip lock bags handy to put over the screen & controls so I'm taken back by this news & no one in the reviews mentioned it & I watched a few.

Richard Daniels

No complaints with bike, but had I known I was going be flooded with 50 t0 60 ads. every time I turned on my computer I would have never ordered the DAMN thing.

Ray Ayotte
Third Bike is the Charm

I’ve owned two other e-bikes over last 4 years but I finally found the bike for me. It has most of features standard that I was looking for. It’s solid, well built and stylish.

Thomas Szemere
What about the brakes? lol

Mechanical. Electric or hydraulic discs? Lol Tom

Stephani Stewart
Love it!

Our bikes arrived a few days after we ordered. Sturdy, nice looking, and most of all, fun to ride! Takes the hard work out of the hills, but still good pedaling if you want it.