Why Horizon?

Inspired by the spectacular scenery of the foreshore sunset, our designer portrays a stunning bike frame with a gradient color, symbolizing every rider's limitless potential and innovative spirit. With a full suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes, and 24×4" fat tires, Horizon enables you to ride comfortably and efficiently. Enjoy riding with it and push your limits!

Rider Review

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The End Is Near! Collar Tied Rafters, Eave Overhangs, Windows, & Gable Sheathing DONE!

Simple Life Reclaimed

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Heybike Horizon: 24x4 Fat Tires with Dual Suspension


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This Limited Edition has EVERYTHING you can ask for in an eBike

Kirk kreifels

Limited-edition Design

More than 150 designs were drafted for Horizon's appearance. The sunset color design stood out in market research. There are only 500 bikes for sale. Hurry up and get a limited-edition ebike!

Only 500 Bikes For Sale
Limited Gift Boxes For Free

Full Suspension

Along with the front suspension, the horst-link suspension makes up Horizon’s full suspension system, which greatly reduces bump on uneven surfaces

Hydraulic Front Suspension For Superior Control
Horst-link Suspension For Reduced Shock

Discover Horizon

Limited Gift Box

Get a $119 gift box for free with a Horizon ebike preorder, while supplies last! This box is thoughtfully designed, and it includes a backpack, a pair of cycling gloves and a customized postcard.

Compact Folding Design

Simply fold it, store it, and unfold the bike to hit the streets or go off-road when you are ready to ride.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The advanced hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable braking power for enhanced safety and control during your rides.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Shift System

Horizon features a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system, offering versatile and precise gear shifting for a smooth and efficient ride. Find the speed that matches your journey!

24"x4" Fat Tires

Two fat tires provide unparalleled traction. Say goodbye to skidding and slipping; Embrace a smooth and comfortable journey.

App Connection

Connect your bike with the Heybike smart app for convenient control of the bike. The App also provides more personalized bike’s settings.



Aluminum Alloy, removable lithium-ion battery, rear rack included, fender mounts, front & rear mount mechanical disc, kickstand mount

Full Suspension

Horst-link suspension and hydraulic front suspension

Hub rear

Brushless geared hub motor, 80Nm, 1400W


Aluminum alloy


Puncture protection, 24"x4.0"-max tire size without fenders

E-system & Drivetrain

692Wh, removable lithium-ion battery


4A, 54.6V output, 100V-220V AC input

Display Type

LCD Display

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 7 speed


LED headlight with auto-on feature, and integrated taillight with brake light.



Weight & Dimensions

36 kg / 79.4 lbs

Weight limit

Maximum total weight limit (combined weight of rider and cargo) of 330 pounds (149.7kg).

Folded Dimensions

49.2*23.6*31.5 inch

Unfolded Dimensions

75.6*24.4*46.5 inch

What's In The Box

  • Horizon

  • Charger

  • User Manual

  • Toolkit Box

  • Keys

  • Gift Box

FAQs - Horizon

What is a full-suspension electric bike?

A full suspension ebike has front suspension in the fork as well as rear suspension (often referred to as a shock) whereas hardtail ebikes only have a front suspension fork. Full suspension ebikes are better suited to rough, technical, and often steep downhill terrain.
Full suspension improves comfort, traction, and control over gnarlier terrain, creating a more enjoyable riding experience.

Does full suspension make a difference?

You’ll benefit from a full suspension ebike if you:
Intend to ride really technical terrain: extra suspension improves how easily the bike can move over rougher trails and singletrack. They’re more forgiving of rider errors when it comes to choosing lines compared to a hardtail.
Want a more comfortable bike: as mentioned above, a full-suspension mountain bike gives much more comfort thanks to the rear shock. If the riding you’ll do isn’t so technical, but you know you want more comfort, you’ll be right at home on a full-sus ebikes.
Need to carry more speed: full-suspension bikes absorb the lumps and bumps better than a hardtail allowing you to carry more speed through technical sections of trail.

Why are full-suspension bikes more expensive?

Full-suspension bikes are more expensive due to the cost of extra moving parts. The addition of a second suspension component all adds up. Investment in the development of kinematics (the geometry of motion) has also transformed the design of ebikes. You no longer need to be concerned that a full-suspension mountain bike will slow you down, instead, you can benefit from a balance of comfort, traction, and pedaling performance.

Does it have any accessory mounts (kickstand, racks, fenders)?

Horizon comes equipped with a kickstand and there are mounts to install fenders and a rear (they are included with the bike).

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Emil Lux
Celebrity status

Everywhere I go people compliment and ask questions about this bike. I'm 6ft 210# and just fits better than my previous 20in bike.

Michelle Chappell

I am SO 🎉thrilled with the Horizon 🧡💛bikes we purchased 2 weeks ago! We live in West Virginia and have many hill and back roads. I have ridden every day and truly glad I selected a Horizon Hey Bike 🚲

I’m a big dude(250lbs) and love it

I was very excited to receive this bike so when I did, I immediately put it together fairly easy. Just take your time. Take about 20 minutes maybe. It’s powerful. It’s cool. Has a solid battery front and rear suspension and if you purchase it sooner than later, you’ll get like all sorts accessories for Free really makes a difference. I’ve been on two big multi mile rides biking and bike path and off-road path in the bike works fantastic and all three. I had some apprehension that I would get in trouble for writing in the bike lane, but this thing looks like a regular bike you know in passing, so no one is giving me a hard time. I’ve had fun with it. I would recommend it for me. This was a big purchase and I have 0.0. I am looking to purchase one for my wife. One thing I do wanna mention is I’m 58 and the seat in the lowest position is perfect for me so I don’t know how well this bike would do for someone that’s very very short, but not this bike.

Peter Fuentes
Wifey Likes the Bike!

The bike arrived earlier than I expected. However, during unwrapping, the bike has small paint chips and dings on the horst link. The locking mechanism for the battery was damaged as well. Contacted customer support. Mike was very helpful and sent me replacement parts and received in 4 days. My wife and I took the bikes (Horizon and Tyson) for a ride for the first time, and we were happy with how the bikes performed. My wife is very happy to own a limited edition Horizon, and the free gift package was a bonus. I would've given 5 star review if there was no chips and dings.

I can not wait for summer to take it on vacation!

The paint scheme on the Heybike Horizon is the best I ever seen on an e-bike. The 24 inch Tire is not too bigger than 26 inch, Which more suit for me. When i receive the bike ,i can't wait to ride my Horizon to the beach.