Halloween Photo Contest
Every picture tells a story. This Halloween, Heybike invites you to record your Halloween decorations with photos and turn your creation moments into memories. Let’s make every space a scream!
Win Extra Savings for Halloween Sale!
  • 1. The 1st place winner take home a free Mars Electric Bike (1 winner).
  • 2. The 2nd place winner gets a $500 Coupon (1 winner).
  • 3. The 3rd place winner gets a $200 Coupon (1 winner).
  • 4. The 4th-10th place winners get $100 Coupons (7 winners).
  • 5. All participants get $50 Coupon.
Content Schedule
1. October 23 - November 1:
● Photo submission.
● And vote for the top 10 photos. (Remember to invite your
friends and family to vote for your works!)
2. November 2:
Announcement of 1st to 10th place winners by marketing
email (marketingaheybike.com).

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