Member Exclusive on Heybike Day. Event Date: 15th-16th each month



At Heybike, you are treated like a VIP.

The Heybike Day | Member Exclusive offers members a range of benefits, easy & fast redeem. We even have doubled 10x Hey Points for every dollar you spend, and lots of surprises along the way!

Come experience the VIP treatment!


2 ways to start and operate

Click on the "GIFT" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

or click→Take me to the dedicated page


Refer a Friend

$100 OFF for them and $100 OFF + 2,000 HeyPoints for you.
* Be sure to have your friend places orders through the link you shared, so that the system could recognize the complete of the tasks to provide the reward.


If you go directly to the accessories section and select the basket / saddlebag you want to redeem and add to cart, the system will not automatically recognize that it is a product to be credited with points when you checkout.
So, please go through the above steps to redeem the rewards you want.

  • If there have any questions, please free to contact
  • The final interpretation right belongs to Heybike.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Earn Hey Points?

Click on the "GIFT" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; Login to your HEYBIKE account. ; Select "ways to earn" and complete the tasks to get the corresponding points.

How to Redeem Rewards?

Select "Ways to redeem"; Click on redeem after selection and the discount code will appear. When you pay, input the discount code into the box to enjoy the corresponding discount offer.

How Much Are Heybike Points Worth?

For every dollar you spend on eligible products, you will receive 2 Points. You can start redeeming your rewards when you have 8,000 points.

Can I Get More Than One Reward at a Time?

Yes! It’s no limit.

Can I Share My HEYBIKE Points?

Your HEYBIKE Points are yours alone. Yet you may redeem the gift or coupon with your HEYBIKE points and share the code with your loved ones.

How do I refer a friend?

Go to dedicated page or click the "Gift" button, slide to "Rewards" block and get your unique referral link. Share the link with a friend and when he makes an order, you both get rewarded.

How do referral links work?

We will create a unique referral link for you after you sign up with Heybike. You can share the link with anyone who does not yet have a Heybike account. Your friend gets a $100-off discount by providing his email address and you earn 2,000 points + a $100-off discount when he places an order using the discount.

How can my friend get the discount code?

Your referred friend will simply need to click on the referral link sent by you and it will automatically direct them to where they can get the reward immediately.

Can I Redeem a Reward and Earn HEYBIKE Points in the Same Order?

Yes! You earn HEYBIKE Points on everything you purchase, so if you’re redeeming a reward and purchasing more HEYBIKE products in addition to that, you will still earn 2 (or 10x on heybike day) HEYBIKE Points for every dollar you spend.

Can I Apply the Public Coupon Code and My Reward Coupon on One Purchase?

Customers can only use one coupon at checkout, private coupon can’t be applied along with the public code for one purchase.

Can I check out the free gift only without ordering other Heybike's products?

Sorry, this may not work. You must spend any amount to take away the free gift, since the system defaults to the number of orders that can be billed must be greater than $1.

I've Purchased On but not signed up yet. Can I Get Points for Those History Purchase?

Not a problem, send us a message with the email address you used in purchasing and we'll help to update your history points. You'll get 2 points for every purchase of US $1 on HEYBIKE products.

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