Member Exclusive on Heybike Day. Event Date: 15th-16th each month



It's the day for Heybike!

Members, who are you? Show us your member exclusive offers and tell us who you are. Did we mention we have doubled your 10x Hey Points for every dollar you spend, and lots of surprises along the way! 

Take advantage of amazing Member Exclusive Offers, easy & fast redeem.


2 ways to start and operate

Click on the "GIFT" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

or click→Take me to the dedicated page


Refer a Friend

$100 OFF for them and $100 OFF + 2,000 HeyPoints for you.
* Share the link to your friends, so that they could place orders through it. In this way, the system will be able recognize their orders and give you a reward for having them sign up.


If you want to redeem the rewards on your points account with the accessories section, please go through the above steps to make sure the system will automatically recognize when you checkout.

  • If there have any questions, please free to contact support@heybike.com
  • The final interpretation right belongs to Heybike.