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Cityrun | Save $300

Over Expectations for Versatile Rider

500W Motor | 4-5 Hours | 55 Miles Range

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Ranger | Save $200

Step-thru, Foldable, and Fat Tire EBike

500W Motor | Class 2/3 | 55 Miles Range

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Brawn | Save $200

All-terrain, Built for Adventure

750W Motor | 4-5 Hours | 65 Miles Range

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Electric Bike Laws in Texas

Currently, electric bike users in Texas must abide by the same rules as bikers. It calls for riding in the bike lane, giving way to pedestrians, and accepting all other traffic laws. 

Can Ebikes Provide A Good Workout?

Several studies show that riding an electric bike is an excellent form of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. In short, ebikes provide workout and help improve your fitness.

Choose the Best Folding Bike Locks

To save your bike from being stolen, investing in the right lock is essential. There's an array of bike locks in the market due to the evolving technology. Hence, choosing the right bike lock can be a puzzling experience, but it's worth it.

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