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stan svete
just a little short

the mirrors were easy to install, but they need to be about 4" longer to fully see behind yourself

Crank Arm
Edgar Alegria
Heybike Mars Crank Arm and Chain Ring

My parts came really fast and made my Ebike function good as new!!!

Omar Sevilla

Not recived yet

Bike Rack Pannier Bag
jorge espinoza jorge espinoza

Bike Rack Pannier Bag

Dave Bueckert

It's a great bike everything works as it should the only thing I don't like is the back light is not connected to the main battery that it has its own battery

David Haines
Good service

My control unit was damaged by getting wet. New part was shipped in timely manner. Thank you!

Grant Bradley
Ranger -customer service

I like my Ranger e-bike, I do. I’ve posted the the customer support and NO response. What’s up,with that?

Carol Platt
Great Customer Service

My girlfriend crashed on my husband's new ebike, unfortunately. She's fine, but I wanted to return it to new condition. I contacted Heybike for a new pedal and crank. They were so kind and gave me new parts only requiring to pay for shipping. Very nice. Thank you very much !

ginette savoie
Great bikes for men

Great bikes mostly for men.


I drive a semi this is perfect will fit inside the cab of my truck I can't wait to explore this country on this bike on my down time when I can't move my semi just test drove it perfect amount of power I love it so far....

Large Basket
Jim dunn
It’s good but there’s room for improvement

I love the the bottom plate of the basket, but it doesn’t screw into the rear rack so it’s hard to make sure it doesn’t move or bounce around. The sides could go higher and also be a plate or plastic plate so stuff can’t fall out. Then if there’s was a cover that that was elastic so you can keep things inside and safe from getting wet from rain would be awesome too.

Suzy Philip
I love my new Heybike!

I use to ride a traditional bike and my husband and I would ride often. Due to medical reasons (& some lazy reasons, lol) I stopped riding. My husband still rode his bike several times a week. Even when I tried to get back into it I could not keep up with his level of athleticism and felt like I was holding him back. He got me my Cityrun bike for our 36 anniversary and just like that I am back riding. I try to use my own power as much as possible but the extra help from the bike allows me to ride at his pace! I have had the bike for just under 2 weeks and have rode it 6 out of 10 days around 85 miles on it already. I absolutely love it’s life changing!!!

Bike Cover
Melinda LeBlanc
Bike Cover

Well-made cover that fits the bike perfectly.

Finally Works great

terry hunt
display screen

the bike seems to be very good. i did put wider handlebars on for better stability. something you might want to consider. the display screen isnt working right when i coast the speed goes to zero even tho i might be doing 10 mph. it only shows speed when im pedaling or using the throttle. i went with a friend of mine on a ride and his gps said we went 14.8 mles and my trip only showed 8.5 so something is wrong taking a video while im riding isnt feasible. i would like this fixed. outside of those 22 issues the bike is very good

Dennis Maas


Best purchase for a great bike

I love that I can fold the bike into my car and take it on hikes in Los Angeles, Malibu, etc. I can enjoy the views and still get in a good workout. I also like using it to commute to close places. Its been such a fun purchase. Can’t wait for my friends and family to get one as well so we can all go together.

George Sullivan
Great bike, terrible delivery

Love the bike, but it should up days late and was covered in scratches

Bundle Sale
Craig Spahr
Could be Better Needs to be defined better.

I think you bundle sale is deceiving per the note I read is that the bundle was supposed to be on top of any other discounts. So I believe it should have come with the free baskets. It looks to me like it would have been a better deal if I would have purchased the bikes separately. The bikes so far are great.

Thanks for shopping with Heybike and your suggestion. We'll continue to provide you with better products and service.

james holloway
first electric bike

so far real happy with the sola should have got the city but hindsight is always great. had a problem and was fixed quickly and pleasantly. recommend the the heybike line

Bike Rack Pannier Bag
Tamara Thorpe
Did not Disappoint ☺️

I love this bag. It is so perfect for me converting driving to biking while shopping. My only small thing is that this version isn’t insulated but I still love it

Patricia Bay
Great customer service

Efficient and reliable customer service. Thank you.

Outer Tire
Tim Burkett
OEM replacement

Just like the original one that came with the ebike.

Bundle Sale
Kevin Wamba
Hey bike rangers

We love the bikes but we're unhappy about how we received them! Both bikes were marked up already because we're not packed well so they both had scuffs on them. We paid quite alot of money for these bikes so this should not have happened. Other then that bikes are amazing.

Front Basket
george schifferer
Slow delivery

The basket is fine but my mirrors and phone holders are at my house I am on a 3 week trip without them on some of the best biking trails in America. So not happy

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