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Derrick Esperanza
LCD Controller Display Confusion

I own an older Race MAX (22MPH/600Wh battery). Mistakenly thought it was a Race PLUS because the newer MAX is 28mph. So I ordered the LCD controller for the Plus (note: the two displays look identical online). The connection fit and display lit up and rode it for 25 miles.
There were 3 key differences though:
1. The display readouts are in white not color
2. Top speed is 20mph instead of 22mph with the original display
3. It does not show the true battery life. I get about 40 miles on a full charge and rode about 25 miles and it still read full charge. The original display would've shown 2/5 or 3/5 battery life left.

I wouldn't have known all this without using it. Now just waiting on a response from customer support to see if I can get my money back and order the proper display/controller. The return policy says it must be unused but how would I have known all this without using it? The parts page on here does not tell what's going on with the displays or that some have partial control like this one.

Moreover I got up to 1700miles clocked without issue on the original display. If I hadn't taken a spill from getting run off the road everything would still be fine. Well built bike all around.

Jorge blanco
Wrong LCD display

I’m currently try to work with them to send me a new one, we’ll see how the process goes.

Dieu Lam
Code 10 p

I order the new LCD Display and install on my bike work wonderful thank hey bike.

chris dunap

LCD Display

Leonardo Bedoya

Please come out with an LCD display that can be seen at night. That’s my only beef…