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Paul N
Great bike cheap pedals

Bought a pair of rangers last April, and rode all summer. Had a blast. The ranger is a great first ebike. Went to hop on this spring and soon as I put pressure on a pedal, it crumbled. Has that look like cheap plastic that gets old and brittle with age. In this case only a year old. I would suggest replacing the pedals before you get too far from home.

Vivian Bond

The bike is very heavy, gears are ok but can be difficult to handle. I am not sure I would have chosen this company, however, due to their terms and conditions on delivery and after care.

One year owner 800 miles.

Love my Ranger. Bought the baskets and that was a mistake. Way to heavy and big for folding our bikes and putting in van. Make plans to buy a second battery because taking 30 mile trips is your first year.

Joseph Dimino

Only have it a week but it perfect. Rides great

John James
Four out of Five

The light broke the second day it snapped in the wind and I’m a little disappointed that it is not covered under the warranty. I fact I think the entire warranty is kind of a joke. But I do the the bike and hopefully have no other problems.