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Everett Price
Great riding bike

I like the bike it 1 rides very smooth and feels built well and sturdy is a little heavy but Ilike that

Jarod Waldron
So far So Good

I’ve recently purchased the Tyson within the last 24 hours. Assembly was easy, I do recommend you watch the YouTube video on how to assemble because manual is just ugh. There’s roughly fifteen or so miles on it, there has been no complaints so far! It’s really smooth riding, and surprisingly handles somewhat decent steep hills with the motor on its own power. The only issue I have is the app it doesn’t keep track of how many miles I’ve ridden already. I’m not sure if this is a common or rare occurrence. But SO FAR I’m happy with my purchase.

Curtis Mallette
Almost really good

I looked for quite a while regarding a class 2-3 bike. Decided on 20" folding bikes for my family because not only would they be smaller and easier to handle on our camping trips but even my little daughter would be able to unfold them and operate them with ease. while I didnt get them a Heybike I did get them each a Lectric XP 3.0's with the long range batteries due to their amazing reviews and my wifes parents both owning them and having the chance to test their bikes out. for me however, I chose your Tyson due to its size (im 6'), its suspension abilities (I come from and still ride downhill bikes) and its power abilities (I like fast things). I will say that the bike responds very quickly with the app regarding setting changes and powering in/off. The suspension is effective and very suitable for the bike and its weight and makes a rough road more manageable for the small 20" wheels. the power delivery is amazing and addicting, its hard not to leave the PAS system on 4 but found the bike more livable for daily rides on 1. The speed cap settings for the modes took a little getting used to after coming from a Lectric bike but found over time to be more enjoyable for me once I found my personal sweet spot for the speeds. Overall I am really enjoying the bike and what it has provided me in my attempts to tire out my 9 month old hunting dog. My experience has not been completely stellar tho, the bike showed up in a good box with tons of well placed packing and copious amounts of zip ties to secure the bike together and well within the foam filling. once i removed everything off the bike was when I discovered that the paint had multiple discrepancies. under the main tube in front of the crank had chips of paint missing all the way down to the metal, there was overspray on a couple of the chrome bolts and enough orange peel to make the fruit itself envy. it also looked as though the frame was painted, then half stripped back to bare metal, then painted again in a hurry (like it was a Friday afternoon and he knew there was a cold IPA awaiting his arrival at home). I also ended up having to completely set up the gear selector and derailer due to neither working at all and not switching gears. Also, either the crank axle or the front drive disc is bent to the point that in final gear you get a chain rubbing noise as you pedal which as I watched while pedaling you get the noise on the outer most angle of the bent disc/axle, you can visibly see the crank wobble as it rotates during pedal. Going through the bike (which you should do anyways) I found most of the nuts and bolts loose and to top it all off the battery was at a whopping 3%. Already being familiar with Lectric bike's line I was disappointed in having my Heybike be delivered in this state. Both of my Lectric bikes came completely ready to ride out of the box (because I had them shipped to my house like the Tyson) and almost a full charge on their batteries. I just opened the boxes, removed all of the zip ties and foam, unfolded the bikes and turned them on. While you probably don't want to hear about your competitors it's important to know what they provide and compare it to what you provide. For a bike that costs hundreds more than your direct competitor it really left a bad taste in my mouth to pay more for a bike that didn't come with any quality control that compared to a more affordable brand. I give the bike 3 stars just on the sheer fact of what it can do and how well it has performed for me. Will I send this bike back? No, the pain of boxing it back up and paying for shipping on a huge box that weighs over 80'lbs is too much trouble and other than the state that it arrived in it has been a great bike that has performed well for me and I love how the bike looks (not counting the paint). I just hope I was a rare case and others got a quality bike for the price they paid.

Hi, Curtis. Thank you for your purchase and sincere and detailed reviews. And sincerely apologize for the problem and inconvenience we've caused. Our ebikes are strictly inspected before arranging shipping, so it might be caused during the logistics with some slightly damage. Please contact us if there is any other problem.

Uni-body design, incorporating a magnesium frame and full suspension system, 1200W Peak Motor and more are what make Tyson unique. So, it remains to be discussed that compared to Heybike Tyson, Lectric XP 3.0's more affordable. Thank you again for the support of Heybike!

First bike / ebike experience

I have considering ebikes but never owned bike before, just the motorcycle and maxi scooter. I have always inclined to efficiency, sustained products like rechargeable batteries and EVs and this bike made me now switch from my current urban maxi scooter commuting to this one, it’s fun, fast and portable, best of all don’t have to deal with oil changes, yearly tabs. I am super happy with my choice

Don Seta
The Tyson

Just received my new Tyson. I did my research and it is everything I hoped for. Power and construction. Being a senior I will be able to get my exercise and still have peddle assist. Plus being foldable it fits in my camper to be able to use on the trials.
Thanks Heybike