Living an RV life in Florida, Sandy and Don began their journey after retirement. Keen on visiting all kinds of sights, e-bikes enriched their tour by expanding their exploration range, carrying them to unique and brilliant places.
With the greatest pleasure, Heybike was chosen to accompany and explore with them in the journies, making them convenient, joyous, and green.

First Impression with E-bike

It is during a trip to St. Austine, 2021. Sandy and Don encountered a couple aged like them. After pleasant communication, the couple invited them to try their bike. As Don jumped onto the bike, he glowed with happiness and energy. Sandy was surprised and touched. It was the moment they recalled their youth biking days.

At the time, Sandy was finished her knee replacement surgery. Biking could be perfect for her therapy while enriching their travel life. After some research on it, they finally chose the Heybike Ranger Step-through e-bike. The mid bar of Ranger is low, and even though the time Sandy was still a little cranky, it is not not doable to step through it and begin the ride.

Tour exploration

Space is concerned in RV traveling. A vehicle, motorhome, and golf cart attached to their coach got their travel a little cumbersome. But space-saving electric bikes, notably foldable e-bikes, enable them to enjoy ease.

With its particular advantages in transportation, e-bikes are capable of working under more diverse road conditions than vehicles and making parking and traffic jams less trouble. To travel to an island or a town, they firstly find a place to park the vehicle. Draw the e-bikes out and hang around for a whole day. If the power is off, find a grocery and have a rest, and charge them for a while. And finally, fold the bikes and draw them back to the car, ending the tour.

E-bikes expand the tour ranges. Across the orchard on the red dirt road, riding to a moose club, and having a couple of cocktails on the beach. A beaten path or an area the tourists or traffic can't take you to, an e-bike can. It is riding on the back roads that enable them to explore the foreign side of the acquaintance Florida.

Pace with Each Other

For miles and miles, they enjoy the ease of electric bike exploring with each other. As Sandra received the Ranger, her knees had not recovered after the surgery. But with Heybike Ranger, all she needs to do is step through it and press the throttle button. Experiencing the same things at the same time. Sandra on full e and Don's paddling, she can ride the same miles as Don did.

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