As RV travelers, Jerry and Denise love to ride bikes and hike on their trails but were bothered by easily getting exhausted, especially in the heat, when riding traditional bikes.

Once Jerry and Denise saw a couple riding on a trail, they realized they'd endured enough exhausting trips. They started to research e-bikes and finally chose the foldable Mars e-bike for its ability to ride in all terrain and its effort-saving, easy carrying, and equipment extendable. When they finally received the Heybike Mars e-bike, just as expected, the e-bike made their trips, even life, easier and more enjoyable.



Easy Carrying and Flexible for Road Conditions

They used to buy a golf cart but seldom use it due to its inconvenience for carrying and it is too many limitations of the road conditions. The golf cart does not fit a truck or a camper. It is good for hanging around the neighborhood, but it can not handle an off-road.

But different from golf carts, Jerry and Denise could put Mars e-bikes on their truck and explore various kinds of places golf carts couldn't reach, beaches, dirt roads, and wherever expand the possibilities as far as they get to see.


Enjoy Riding on Different Road

Only started a few years ago, with interest in recording their journeys, Denise recorded several books of their trails. Denise showed us some of her journeys. The Tallahassee area, Jacksonville area, and other trips are vivid to see.

Besides the main purpose of using Heybike Mars for camping, Jerry and Denise use it a lot at home, finding whatever trail they can explore and enjoy. They go as far as 2 hours away to ride bike trails twice a week. Towards Orlando, the east, there are many bike trails around. They've found a lot of new nice places.

Upgraded from their traditional bikes, they ride e-bikes with much more range with less effort. They rode the traditional bikes for 3-5 miles per time before, but now, 30 miles and more with e-bikes, not even sweat. When tired, they can just press the throttle and enjoy the ease.


Equipment Extendable

Jerry and Denise love their dogs and can never go out without them. Dogs love to go riding with them as well. Every time they load bikes up in the truck, little dogs start to get excited as they know they are leaving for a trip. They equipped their Mars e-bikes with baskets as seats for their cute dogs. They prepared special tiny helmets for their riding security though the naughty dog will always not keep them on. When riding, dogs are just like little sightseers, sitting in the baskets and sightseeing right along with them, looking at all the beauty around them.

Jerry and Denice already have the bikes for 3-4 months. Although when first receive the bikes, they take time to adjust to the bike system and riding control, so far, they enjoy riding the Mars e-bikes and are totally happy with them. The maintenance hasn't been too much of a problem with them, and they keep them nice and clean every time they finish their ride. They may upgrade to a ranger one day, but now, they have fun with the Mars e-bike and looking forward to the future holds.

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