A mid-motor electric bike is a fast, efficient, and comfortable way to get around. The motor is installed at the center of the bike and connects directly to the drivetrain. This helps maintain a low center of gravity for stability, and it delivers optimal assistance to you while preserving battery life.

In this article, you’ll learn what is a 750w mid-drive motor and what to consider when shopping for a mid-motor electric bike.

750w mid-drive motor on the Hero electric bike

What is a 750w Mid-Drive Motor?

A motor that rests on the center of the electric bike. The motor connects straight to the cranks and drivetrain, delivering power directly to the wheel, providing a smooth pedaling experience and a natural ride feel.

Mid-drive motors have built-in torque sensors. They measure how much force is being applied to the pedals, to which the motor responds by providing a proportionate amount of assistance. You can also use the full range of gears to get maximum performance and efficiency out of the motor.

750w mid-drive motors are three times more powerful than 250w motors, providing faster acceleration and a higher top speed. They’re also equipped with high-capacity batteries and fast chargers, reducing e-bike battery anxiety while increasing the maximum mileage range.

Benefits of a 750w Mid-Drive Motor

There are numerous advantages to 750w mid-drive motors. They’re extremely versatile, fast, and cleverly designed. This makes them ideal for both daily commutes and extended excursions. Let’s investigate further the benefits of mid-motor electric bikes.


750w mid-drive motors have different gear ratios for you to use. When taking off or climbing a hill, choose a low gear to increase acceleration and the amount of torque that the motor generates. When riding on flat terrain or coasting downhill, choose a high gear to increase the maximum top speed you can reach. This versatility enables you to adapt to a wide variety of situations, including steep hills, wet weather, and tough terrain.

Fast Performance

A typical 750 mid-drive motor has up to 160Nm torque, which is nearly double that of a comparable 750w brushless motor. A 750 mid-drive motor also has built-in torque sensors, which learn and adjust to your pedaling style to ensure seamless automatic gear shifts. The result is a higher acceleration and top speed, and a more efficient use of the motor and battery.

Innovative Design

Mid-drive motors are often installed in the lower central region of the e-bike. This helps distribute the weight in an even manner, providing greater stability when riding over rough terrain and when cornering. The same goes for the battery, which you will often find the battery on the down tube, keeping the weight down and the center of gravity even.

By contrast, hub motors are often installed on the rear wheel, resulting in more sluggish handling.

What to Consider When Choosing a 750w Mid-Drive E-Bike

Whether a 750w mid-drive e-bike is right for you depends on your preferences. Where and how far do you want to ride? Is weight a deciding factor? What is your budget? Let’s take a closer look at these considerations.

Terrain and Routes

Do you prefer to hit the dirt or the pavement? Either way, a mid-motor electric bike is an excellent choice. Most are all-terrain e-bikes that come in commuter or fat-tire variations. Choose the commuter one for road and light off-road use or choose the fat-tire one for more frequent, heavy-duty off-road use.

Weight Preference

Mid-drive motors (and their batteries) are installed in the lower central region of the e-bike, which helps even out the weight distribution. On the other hand, hub motors (and their batteries) are often installed on the rear wheel, which can lead to more sluggish handling.

For navigating tough terrain and tight corners, a mid-motor electric bike provides excellent control and stability.


There are many factors that influence the price of a 750w electric bike. These factors include the type of motors, tire diameter and width, frame structure, battery capacity, suspension and brake system, and the addition of a throttle and pedal assist feature. The ability to equip a storage basket can also influence the price of an e-bike.

When shopping for a electric bike, determine what features and specifications are important to you. Then use this information to set a budget this is both realistic and able to help you acquire the e-bike you want.

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