Purchasing an ebike for women can be a challenge as one must account for different needs and body types.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that not every bike manufacturer offers electric bikes for women. Therefore, doing your research and comparing your options is essential to making the right purchase. Here is how to choose an ebike for women, and the different factors to consider.

A woman is riding a Horizon step-through e-bike on the road

Define Your Riding Purpose

Decide on how you intend to use your electric bicycle. Will you be primarily riding on smooth terrain and light off-road trails? Or do you intend to hit the beaten path, tackling steep hills and tricky terrain? Answering these questions can help you choose the right style of e-bike.

For flat and light off-road terrain, consider a commuter electric bike. They often have 2.5” wide tires, a throttle, pedal assist, hydraulic brakes, and a durable hydraulic front-suspension fork. This makes them ideal for riding on roads, pathways, and light off-road trails. The Heybike Cityrun electric bike is a great choice for women.

For heavy-duty off-road purposes, consider a fat tire electric bike. They have 4” wide tires, full suspension, pedal assist, and hydraulic brakes. They can absorb impacts easier and maintain grip during tight cornering. Heybike offer a range of fat tire bikes suitable for female cyclists.

E-Bikes Features Female Cyclists Should Consider

E-bikes for women have specific features to accommodate for the needs of female riders. Here’s a breakdown of what those features are and why they are important for women.

Frame Structure

Typically, women are shorter and smaller than men, and they have shorter arms and legs. For this reason, e-bikes for women have a more compact structure.
Another key difference is the switch from a step-over frame to a step-through frame (also known as an open frame). With a step-over frame, the top tube is horizontal from front to back, meaning the rider must raise their feet to about the waist to wrap it over the seat.

But, with a step-through frame, the top tube points down in a diagonal fashion, so the rider does not have to raise their feet as high to access the seat. Naturally, a step-through frame makes it easier for women to get on and get off a bike.

E-Bikes for Short Women

For some women, purchasing an e-bike can be a challenge due to their short height.

If this is the case for you, then it is important to choose an e-bike that is lighter and more compact than a typical frame structure. This will enable you to get on and get off the bike easily, as well as handle and manoeuvre safely.

Another consideration is the style of frame. As you just learned, a step-through frame is often an ideal choice for women, and this is also true when it comes to electric bikes for short females.

Top Tube Length

Most women have shorter torsos and arms than men. This means the distance between the seat and the handlebars must be shorter in order for the rider to reach the handlebars. Hence, the top tube must be shorter.

Fortunately, most e-bikes for women have this design feature. By reducing the top tube length, female riders do not have to bend their backs as far to reach the handlebars. This helps ease physical strain and improve comfort – especially during longer rides.

Seat (Saddle)

Typically, men’s saddles are narrower and longer than women’s, which are wider and have a shorter nose and more padding. This is because women have wider hips than men, and also because women sit closer to the handlebars than men (due to the shorter tube length. As a result, women sit more upright and further back than men.


Women often have narrower shoulders than men, so their bikes have narrower handlebars. Also, since many women have shorter arms than men, the position of the handlebars is a bit higher too. This makes it easier for female riders to comfortably reach the handlebars.


Your choice of brakes and suspension will come down to your personal preferences. However, it is worth noting that e-bikes for women often have smaller brake levers, while e-bikes for men often have wider brake levers. This is a small detail, but it’s worth remembering when looking around.

Motor Power and Battery Life

If you plan on riding up steep hills and carrying heavy loads, then consider an e-bike with extra motor power and battery life. The increased performance and battery range will enable you to use more throttle and pedal assist without the fear of running out of juice.

Estimate the average mile range of your daily commute and use that info to choose a motor and battery that fits your needs.


In terms of cost, the average price of an electric bike starts at around $999. Features that may raise the cost of an e-bike include a more powerful motor, high wattage battery, full suspension, hydraulic brakes, and the ability to fold in half. Also consider the cost of a helmet and accessories like a chain lock, storage basket, and bike cover.

Top E-Bikes for Women

Now that you are familiar with the features found in e-bikes for women, let’s take a look at some recommended models.

Heybike Horizon

A woman is riding a Horizon step-through e-bike on the road

The Heybike Horizon has a step-through frame that makes it easy for riders to get on and off the bike. It also has narrow handlebars, which are height-adjustable and easy to reach. Plus, the back tray can support a large basket, ideal for transporting personal items.

Heybike Ranger S

a girl is riding folding step-thru ebike on the road

Featuring a powerful 750w motor and step-through frame, the Heybike Ranger S has a compact frame and a motor that packs a powerful punch. The back tray can support a large basket to hold personal items, while the hydraulic front suspension and disc brake combo ensure a comfortable and stable ride.

Heybike HERO

The upcoming Heybike HERO all-terrain ebike is an exciting step forward. Aside from the lightweight T800 carbon fiber frame and powerful 750w mid-drive motor, the HERO is also available in a step-through and trapeze frame structure. These two frame structures are ideal for female riders, as they make it easy to get on and off the bike. Additionally, the Shimano 9-speed gear system helps you get the most out of motor and pedal assist function.

Heybike Cityrun

a girl is riding Cityrun cruiser ebike on the road

Featuring a step-through frame, 800w peak motor, 65-mile range, front fork suspension, and hydraulic disc brake system, the Heybike Cityrun cruiser is an excellent all-rounder for female cyclists.

The narrow tires make it ideal for urban and light off-road applications, while the front fork suspension helps absorb impacts to ensure a stable and comfortable ride. It can also support both a front and rear basket for extra storage.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right electric bike for women is easier when you know what features to look for. Whether you are in the market for a commuter or fat tire bike, be sure to explore the full electric bike range on offer at Heybike.

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